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More Than Ten Dafa Practitioners Detained in Dehui City Labor Camp Have Been On Hunger Strike For Over Two Weeks to Protest Inhumane Treatment

November 10, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On October 27, 2003 we received the news from Dehui City Labor Camp that five female Falun Dafa practitioners started a hunger strike on August 20 to protest their illegal imprisonment and staged trials.

Since October 15, another thirteen Dafa practitioners detained in Dehui City Labor Camp (Zhang Wenfeng, Sun Qian, Wei Guangxue, Jiang Wenbin, Zou Jibin, Jia Yunxia, Jiang Chunxian, Liu Dianling, Hu Jie, Yang Jun, Liu Baijun, Lin Hongfei, Zhang Xiaoyan) have also begun a group hunger strike to protest their upcoming illegal trials.

For the last year, they have been devastated with torture to the body and the spirit. Prison authorities Ding Richao, Liu Yuhu, Liu Chao and the prison doctor Li Yazhou, cruelly placed shackles on the feet of practitioners in extremely weak condition, and conducted barbarous force-feeding sessions, violently jerking the feeding tubes inserted through the noses and throats back and forth. Some practitioners are reported to be in critical condition already.

The people responsible for the crimes listed above include:

The secretary of Dehui City Politics Committee, Zhou Hongwu: 86-431-7237559(W) 86-431-7219988(H), 86-13943121016 or 86-13904397518(C)

President of Dehui City Police Bureau, Guo Guangtian: 86-431-7222192(W), 86-431-7275949(H), 86-13804397339(C)

Vice president of Dehui City Police Bureau, Wang Chengsen: 86-431-7233759(W), 86-431-7265669(H), 86-138441111888(C)

The Director of Administration Protection Department, Dehui City Police Bureau, Zhao Yujie: 86-431-7222053(W), 86-431-7224923(H), 86-13504397188(C)

Vice director of Administration Protection Department, Dehui City Police Bureau, Zhang Qingchun: 86-431-7222053(W), 86-431-7264567(H), 86-13630545335(C)

The Chief Procurator of Dehui City, Zhang Hongshan: 86-431-7272885(W) 86-431-7279888(H), 86-13904393999(C)

The Second Department of Suing, Dehui City Procuratorate, Sun Yongchao: 86-431-7272884 ext 417(W)

President of Dehui City Court, Zhao Hongtian: 86-431-7223401(W), 86-431-7212111(H), 86-13904397689 or 86-13578816699(C)

The Director of Administrative Department of Dehui City Court, Wang Jisheng: 86-13604392996(C)

The Director of Dehui City 610 Office, Li Yuke: 86-431-7234600(W), 86-13943021087(C)

The Director of Dehui City Labour Camp, Ding Richao: 86-431-7273438(W)

Vice Director of Dehui City Labour Camp, Liu Yuhu: 86-13086827618(C)

Prison doctor at Dehui City Labour Camp, Li Yazhou