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Practitioner Ms. Guo Songmei Dies of Torture Received in the Harbin Women's Prison

October 29, 2003 |  


Ms. Guo Songmei was a practitioner who lived in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. While being detained in Division Nine of the Harbin Women's Prison, she was subjected to brutal torture. As a result, her whole body was swollen and her lungs badly bruised and abraded because of long-term force-feeding. In order to shirk responsibility for her rapidly declining condition, the prison released her on March 6, 2003. On May 8, not long after her return home, Guo Songmei passed away.

Ever since Yanghua was appointed head of the prison's Division Nine last year, the persecution of practitioners has never stopped. Practitioners were forced to squat down all night along, and at most they could get 2 hours' sleep.

In the wintertime, practitioners were forced to do drills outside from morning until night. In order to force practitioners to give up their belief, the guards oftentimes beat practitioners and shocked them with electric batons.

Since this January when the head of Division Three, Zheng Jie, was transferred to Division Nine, the persecution has been escalating.

Zheng Jie sent practitioners to solitary confinement cells and instructed guards there to beat practitioners in hidden places (such as inside their thighs) so that wounds wouldn't be seen by others. Practitioners there were not given anything to eat. In the winter, practitioners were forced to sit on the freezing cold cement floor all day long.

Prison Director Wang Xing: 86-451-86359454
Deputy Prison Director Ms. Chu Shuhua: 86-451-86359322
Zheng Jie: 86-451-86358314

(Chu Shuhua and Zheng Jie are most vicious in persecuting Dafa practitioners)