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Brutal Torture Cases in Dalian Forced Labor Camp: Severe Sexual Abuse and Force-feedings

October 24, 2003 |  


From its inception in October 2000, the Dalian Forced Labor Camp for Women has never stopped even for one day in persecuting female Dafa practitioners.

Defamatory words posted on the walls, broadcasts over loud speakers and videos shown on TV monitors are constantly slandering Dafa and Teacher. If practitioners practice the exercises or study the Fa, they are beaten and kicked, and the police officers use electric batons to torture them. There was one practitioner who passed away in the labor camp after holding a hunger strike and enduring terrible torture.

On March 19, 2001, in order to force practitioners to give up their beliefs, all of the practitioners had to stand against a wall and then bend over, binding their hands to their ankles for one day and one night. If the practitioner moved even a little they would be beaten with electric batons. Some Dafa practitioners vomited violently, both legs swelling and turning a dark color. If practitioners collapsed, the guards would bring pen and paper and ask the practitioners to write a so-called "promise letter" to give up Dafa. Some practitioners wrote the letter against their own will under such pressure. But once they realized what they had done, they wrote another letter to declare the previous letter null and void. The guards shouted that if the practitioners didn't write the "promise letter", they would remain in that bent-over position. That led to one practitioner's death and another being seriously injured. The guards also invited former practitioners who turned against Dafa under duress from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to spread lies. Some practitioners were poisoned by their lies. Those practitioners who refused to listen to the lies received beatings around the clock. Broomsticks and chair legs were used in the beatings and were sometimes broken during the beatings.

In June 2001, a Dafa practitioner was beaten to death by several former practitioners using plastic bottles filled with water. Later Mr. Chen Jiafu and Mr. Liu Yonglai were tortured to death in a male labor camp.

At the beginning of 2002, many Dafa practitioners went on group hunger strike. Several practitioners, including Zhang Ming, left the camp because of their righteous minds. Some practitioners received severe persecution. The camp guards used criminal prisoners to torture the practitioners who were on the hunger strike. They put the practitioners on a special punishment called "pikua" (practitioners were suspended by their hands and feet that were out horizontally from their bodies). The following torture methods were also used: sticks forcibly inserted in their vaginas, being force-fed water spiked with chili peppers and brutal beatings. Other examples include boiling water poured on practitioners' bodies, sleep deprivation, prolonged periods of standing--up to several days, forced standing barefoot in the winter with windows open, tube pushed into practitioners' stomachs and left there, and being tied down to a bed if the practitioner could no longer stand. A criminal prisoner Zhang specialized in torturing practitioners in small cells. In order to reduce her own prison term, she was trained to carry out torture. There were a few others who participated in the tortures against Dafa practitioners. They include Sun Bo, Guo Lin, Wang Xin, and Ge Hong. But practitioners like Ms. Wang Lijun, Ms. Sun Yan, and Ms. Man Chunrong did not give in to the torture. In 2003 Ms. Wang was tortured in a small cell, resulting in injuries to both her feet, to the point where she could barely walk. Ms. Sun Yan and Ms. Man Chunrong endured several forms of severe torture for going on a hunger strike or not complying with the guards. They both persisted in their cultivation.

The newly captured Dafa practitioners were sent to criminal teams, where they were given harsh treatment and placed under close supervision. They were ordered to recite the prison rules. Some practitioners refused and were beaten in special small cells and then forced into brainwashing classes.

In 2003 the police used criminal prisoners to supervise the steadfast Dafa practitioners. In the 2nd squadron, practitioners had to do hard labor for more than ten hours per day. If they didn't finish their jobs, they would be denied food and sleep. No conversation between practitioners was allowed, and the group leader was ordered not to talk about Falun Gong with firm practitioners. Practitioners were often strip-searched for any Dafa materials. If found, the practitioners were sent to the small cells to be tortured. The police often used a heavy-handed approach in order to increase their ratio of "reform" success.

The following people all personally beat Dafa practitioners: the Director of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp Zhang, Brigade chiefs Han, Wan, Team leader Yang, and Duan Huixian. Director Zhang once said: "Didn't you talk about evil? I am indeed evil."