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Practitioner Mr. Hua Haiyu Dies as a Result of Torture in Daqing City

October 22, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) October 18, 2003 report: Dafa practitioner Mr. Hua Haiyu from Yinlangku in Daqing City was an employee for the Materials and Equipment Company affiliated with Daqing City Petroleum Administrative Bureau. His wife Piao Yufan was also a Dafa practitioner. Both are in their 50's. Hua Haiyu was tortured in a detention center. He died in April 2003 soon after he was released.

After Hua Haiyu's death, some officials from the Materials and Equipment Company coerced his wife Piao Yufan to write a "guarantee statement"* to give up Dafa practice. Piao Yufan refused, so her work unit didn't allow her son and daughter-in-law to work. Piao Yufan was forced to leave home. As the result of the persecution, her son and daughter-in-law divorced. They had been caretakers for their grandmother, Piao Yufan's mother, who is in her 80's. She is now left uncared for.

Cheng Jin: "610 Office" for the Materials and Equipment Company

Miao Wenhai: "610 Office" for the Materials and Equipment Company in Yinlangku, 86-13836719204 (cell), 86-459-5683423 (office)

Liu Jianjun: Party Secretary, 86-13904895110 (cell), 86-459-5696345 (office)

*A guarantee statement is a coerced document, usually obtained under torture, that tells the authorities that a Dafa practitioner is remorseful for ever having practiced Falun Dafa and promises not do so any longer; guarantees not to associate with other Dafa practitioners but will reveal their names and addresses; and guarantees never to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa.