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Delayed Report: Practitioner Mao Yanping Beaten to Death by a Policeman in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

October 22, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Info Center reports that according to an August 27th report from a source in Shanxi province, Falun Gong practitioner Mao Yanping was beaten to death by policeman Li Jingfeng in the Wanbolin Police Station in Taiyuan City on November 3, 2002.

Mao Yanping, a 34-year old male, was a resident of Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province.

He fled to Taiyuan City in Shanxi Province to avoid persecution from the Shijiazhuang Police. On October 30 2002, when Mr. Mao was producing literature for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, the police squad of Wanbolin District in Taiyuan City arrested him. Three days later, Policeman Li Jingfeng beat Mao to death.

The police squad in the Wanbolin District Police Station (Tel: 86-351-6066237), the Political Department (86-351-61856966), and the Political Security Section (86-351-6175352) either said it was not their case or just hung up the phone when asked about the incident. They are trying to evade responsibility. But none of them denied that policeman Li Jingfeng beat Mao Yanping to death.

A male staff member in the Political Department admitted that there was a man named Li Jingfeng in the police squad. He is in his 30's. He was transferred to the Falun Gong Special Investigation Group in the Political and Security Section in 2002 and worked there for half a year. The staff person said inquiries about Mao's case should be directed to the Political and Security Section.

The Chief of the Political and Security Section Bao Hongbin (86-1383-4201581) did not deny the fact that Li Jingfeng beat Mao Yanping to death. But he said he was not in charge of Mao Yanping's case and he refused to reveal who was.

The same source revealed that another practitioner, Hou Lijun, was also detained by the police squad from the Wanbolin Police Station.

Thirty-two-year-old Hou Lijun is a security guard at the Taiyuan City Industrial and Commercial Bank. He was arrested by policemen Yang Zhigang and Li Jingfeng from the police squad in October 2002 when he was printing truth-clarifying materials. A policeman in the Wanbolin Police Station confirmed Hou Lijun's detention. He said nobody was allowed to visit Hou. "We never allow anyone to visit the detainee in such cases. It doesn't matter who you call."

Hou Lijun was arrested together with another practitioner, Wang Zhiming. Wang Zhiming used to be an interpreter for the China Garments Group Company in Beijing. He was persecuted to death while in detention on July 22, 2003. He was found to have cerebral atrophy when he died.