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Dafa Practitioner Ms. Liu Tongling Tortured to Death at the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center in Heilongjiang Province

October 18, 2003 |  


On September 9, 2003, right before the Moon Festival, Dafa practitioner Ms Liu Tongling was abducted in front of her apartment building by security guards from her work unit, the Sanan Industrial Company in Daqing City, and police from Rang District Chengxin Police Station. They sent her to a brainwashing class. Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution and kept clarifying the truth to the staff members. Not wanting her to positively affect other people, they transferred her to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center on September 12, where she continued her hunger strike. As a result, she was detained in a confinement cell. On October 12, 2003, she was tortured to death. She was the seventeenth practitioner in Daqing City who is verified to have died of torture.

The main person responsible is Meng Qinghong, vice manager of Sanan Industrial Company. His home phone is 86-459-5797366.

The phone numbers of the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center are 86-451-82424046 and 451-82424093.

Reference article: Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Tongling Has Been Severely Persecuted at the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center