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Persecution Cases of Practitioners in the Banqiao Forced Labor Camp, Tianjin City

October 12, 2003 |  



Case 1

Victim: Ms Zhao Binhong, 30 years old

People responsible: Team leaders and common prisoners

Fact: Zhao Binhong had been shackled to a bare mattress for more than one year because of her persistence in practicing the Falun Dafa exercises in the labor camp. She was not allowed to have bed covers during the wintertime and had suffered brutal beatings many times by the prisoners in the same cell. Later, she suffered a mental collapse due to the torture. Every time she suffered a breakdown, she would be taken to the bathroom and beaten brutally. Her family had to be responsible for all her medical costs during the period when she was detained in the labor camp. Her husband divorced her and no one took care of her child. Her family suffered great pressure mentally as well as financially.

Case 2

Victim: Ms Bai Hong, 57 years old

People responsible: Guan Na, policewoman Han

Fact: Bai Hong requested to practice the Falun Dafa exercises in 2001. For this she was handcuffed to a metal fence outside on a snowy day for several hours with only one thin woolen sweater on. Another time when she requested to practice the exercises, she was confined to a solitary compartment and forced to squat in one position for six days and five nights.

Case 3

Victim: Ms Wang Guixiang (She was sentenced to one year forced labor camp in April 2000 which was later extended by half a year)

People responsible: Guan Na, Han, Zhang and six other people

Fact: Because she requested to practice the exercises, she was taken to the solitary room and was tortured brutally. They shocked her with electric batons and beat and cursed her. They slapped her face with the book Zhuan Falun and wrote Master's name on the paper to insult her. Several team leaders took turns beating her for a whole day. One of her front teeth was broken due to the beating. Every time she asked to practice the exercises, she would be cuffed forcefully. Sometimes she was cuffed on the bed or from the ceiling. She was not allowed to wear padded winter clothing in the cold weather.

Case 4

Victim: Ms Lin Zhaoxia

People responsible: Team leaders

Fact: Because of requesting to practice the Falun Dafa exercises, she was forced to run in the open field on a winter day with only thin clothes as punishment. Because of refusing to be "brainwashed," after serving two years in a labor camp, her detention was illegally extended for another year. She is still detained in the Banqiao Labor Camp.

Case 5

Victim: Ms Zhang Guiyun, Ms. Yao Yuyan and Ms Chen Yumei

People responsible: Team leaders

Fact: Because of requesting to practice the Falun Dafa exercises, several practitioners were cuffed to the bare mattresses on cold winter days with no covers at all. The team leaders ordered the prisoners in the same cell to torture the practitioners for several months.

Case 6

Victim: Ms. Wang Wenxiu and others

People responsible: Guan Na, Policewoman Yang

Fact: One practitioner was detained with some prisoners who were jailed as sex offenders. After being brutally beaten for six days, the practitioner was then forced to accept "brainwashing." Wang Wenxiu and some other practitioners heard the news and went to the labor camp to talk to Guan Na, wishing to stop the labor camp from committing evil deeds. However, she was arrested and sentenced to the labor camp in May 2003.

Case 7

Victim: Ms. Mu Xiangjie

People responsible: Labor camp police

Fact: She had been forced to stand in solitary confinement for seven days and seven nights as punishment. Later she was sentenced to three years in a labor camp because of appealing for Dafa in Beijing.