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A Retired Teacher from Jidong City, Heilongjiang Province Was Tortured to Death in Heilongjiang's Female Prison

September 30, 2002 |  


Liu Guihua, female, a retired teacher from Yong An Township, Jidong City, Heilongjiang Province, was tortured to death on August 3, 2002.

Ms. Liu Guihua was sent to Jidong Detention Center from Beijing by the Jidong Police Department in August 1999. Later, she was sentenced to two years in jail and was sent to Harbin's Wanjia Labor Camp. She was labeled as "determined" and transferred to the third brigade in Jiamusi's Xigemu Labor Camp for going on hunger strike. In the labor camp, she was violently kicked and thrown against the wall by police for her so-called "being unreceptive to control," and "being unreceptive to re-education". Because she went on hunger strike, the police pried on her teeth until they became loose. Her cheeks were bruised so badly that even people who knew her well could not recognize her. During the force-feeding by nasal tube, her whole body was tied up and could not move. She was not allowed to get loose even though she needed to go to the bathroom. She could only urinate and excrete in her pants. According to what the police said, "She did not eat many real meals in the labor camp". She was as thin as a stick due to being on hunger strike for long periods. Fearing that she might die in the labor camp, her family was notified to take her home in June 2000.

One month later, she was taken to a detention center by the Jidong City Police Department again and detained there until April 2002. Then, she was sentenced to six years in prison and was sent to the Heilongjiang Female Prison. She went on a hunger strike for a long period of time. When she was near death (due to the mistreatment) the Jidong City Police Department refused to give her permission to seek treatment outside of the jail and the Heilongjiang Female Prison would not let her out. Finally, she died in the 211 Hospital in Harbin.