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Record of Brutal Persecution of Practitioners at Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, Gansu Province (Part 1)

September 25, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Record of evil conduct and brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners at Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, Gansu Province, as detailed below:

(1) In December 2000, the No. 5 Division Chief Ma Wu of the labor camp and Deputy Chief Kang Shicheng, together with the administration section chief Dai Xinglong held an "on-the-spot transformation" meeting in No. 1 team, slandering Dafa and persecuting Dafa practitioners. They tied up practitioners Li Fuzhi, Chai Qiang, Jin Jilin, Li Wenming and Wang Maoling, beating and brutally torturing them.

(2) In January 2001, the No. 3 Team Chief Dong Faqiang of No. 5 Division, put practitioners Yang Jingzhong and Niu Wanjiang in handcuffs when they were on a hunger strike. They also provoked drug users to hate and torture Dafa practitioners.

(3) In April 2001, the No. 5 Division Chief Ma Wu and Deputy Chief Kang Shicheng continuously instigated Team Chief Wang Wenchang to brutally torture Dafa practitioners. They hung up Wang Yichao, Li Fuzhi, Jin Jilin and Wang Maolin, who were firm in their cultivation. These good people were hung from wirepoles, and drug users were directed to mercilessly beat the practitioners. In this way, they intimidated the practitioners to write a "transformation" letter against their will.

(4) In late April of 2001, police officer Biao Ping from the No. 1 team of the No. 5 Division personally joined in the torture and forced drug users Guo Yunfeng (from Baiyin area), Li Chunguang (Longxi area), Ma Dexiang (Qinghai area), Ma Jian'guo (Kang County) and Wang Zhigang (Qilihe West Station) to tie up Dafa practitioner Qian Shiguang, hang him up and beat him, which resulted in serious injuries for him and made it necessary for him to be hospitalized. They tied and hung up Dafa practitioner Song Yanzhao in a vegetable shed for two days and 16 hours. They beat him up at night and broke his ribs. Song Yanzhao asked to go to hospital for examination, but was refused. The police still forced him to do heavy labor. On May 2, Song Yanzhao was tortured to death. He had five broken ribs. Many Dafa practitioners there felt the broken ribs.

The Pingantai Forced Labor Camp secretly directed beating people to forge false evidence, trying to cover up the facts. The day will come soon when those who helped the evil will be punished and judged by history.