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Breaking through the Persecution at a Brainwashing Center in Pi County, Sichuan Province with Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

June 26, 2002 |   A female Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a female Falun Dafa practitioner in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. My previous article that was posted on Clearwisdom drew special attention from the Sichuan Police Department. Since then, the Sichuan Police have regarded me as one of the so-called "key members" of Falun Gong in their province. They ordered the Chengdu Steel Factory management to have me closely watched. Subsequently, I was confined within the steel factory.

On April 24, 2002 I was kidnapped and secretly taken to a "reform school," a branch of the murderous "610 Office" (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches), in Tangchang Town, Pi County. I was told that the upper management of the factory had arranged this and that very determined Falun Dafa practitioners from Sichuan province were sent to this brainwashing center.

I refused to leave the Chengdu Steel Factory, so they sent seven to eight men to carry me to a police car. I didn't learn that I was headed to Pi County for brainwashing until I was halfway there. Without any legal procedure, I was imprisoned at the brainwashing center, located at an obscure mountain ridge in Tangchang Town, Pi County. Before my arrival, they had already abducted several other Falun Dafa practitioners from Sichuan and brought them to the center.

The evil thugs from the "610 Office" at Qingbaijiang District were waiting for me. The staff, dressed in military uniforms, immediately dragged me into a small room. They threw my luggage on the floor, left me only a bucket for a toilet and a thin mattress. They locked the door and then left.

From the moment I arrived, I refused to comply with any arrangements by the evil and began a hunger strike to protest the persecution. At approximately 11:30 the next morning, a woman and two men entered the room. Without saying a word, they began to kick me. From the mattress, they dragged me to the floor and kicked me on the thighs, calves, and hips until these areas were completely covered with bruises. These brutal thugs then declared, "We are still very far from reaching the death quota." (In China, every jail, detention center, forced labor camp and brainwashing center is given a certain death quota. The death quota specifies the number of inmates that the police can abuse or torture to death.) "We know that a woman can survive for seven days without food." Then, they left me.

On the third day, April 26, a different group of people came to the room and continued torturing me. A tall man who used to serve in the military in northeastern China kicked me with much force. When I told him that physically abusing anyone was illegal, he barked, "Who can hear this!" They injured my spine, including the lumbar vertebra, with the kicking, but they still continued to slap and kick me on the face numerous times. My nose started to bleed. Cuts and bruises were all over my face. On top of all this brutality, approximately seven to eight people tried to push me to the floor to torture me by force-feeding. But they didn't succeed in force-feeding me. Before they left, a woman said, "No mercy is ever needed for you Falun Gong practitioners."

On the fifth day, April 28, the thugs forcibly took me to the Tangchang Town Hospital for infusion treatment. They castigated the security guard at the hospital when the guard inquired about my condition. The thugs occupied an entire ward, expelling all the patients and their families to other wards. When a doctor came to check on me, they ordered me not to speak and barred the doctor from speaking as well. Because I refused to the infusion treatment, they tied me to the bed to force the infusion. First they tied a bed sheet at each knee, and they then tied the sheets to both sides of the bed to prevent my knees from moving. They stretched another bed sheet over my abdomen and tied it to both sides of the bed. Finally, they secured my upper body with bandages tied to the bed. When I was completely secured to the bed, they administered a large quantity of Valium and Barbital. In order to escape from the hands of the evil, I pretended to fall asleep. My plan worked because they left only one man to watch me. When the man finally dozed off, I untied the bandages and bed sheets, pulled out the infusion tubes, and escaped from the hospital. Unfortunately I was again seized by the evil and forcibly taken back to the hospital. They tied me to the bed again, and I was forced to endure the pain of remaining in the same position for the entire night. My lower back and spinal injuries worsened during the night because my spine could not naturally align while I was forced to remain in the same position as someone being crucified.

On the sixth day, April 29, I lost the ability to stand, and I was sent back to the brainwashing center on the mountain ridge. The Chengdu Steel Factory sent people to visit me at the torture camp. They tried to persuade me to eat and drink. They also promised to take me back to the factory if I denounced Falun Gong. Naturally, I adamantly refused their offer. They eventually gave up and left me in Tangchang. After all, I was alone in this world. As those sadistic thugs had put it, "She has no family. We can do whatever we want to her without any consequences. If she dies, we will cremate her in a flash. It is no big deal."

On the seventh day, April 30, they force-fed me again. This time they photographed the force-feeding. They put newspapers under me and over my chest in front of the camera, in order to display their "concern" for my lack of clothing. During the force-feeding, I thought the torture was really beyond the limit of what I could bear. Then, I suddenly remembered Teacher's words, "You should know that once a person learns the truth and the real meaning of life, he will not regret giving up his life for it." ("Some Thoughts of Mine" Essentials for Further Advancement (II)) Upon thinking of Teacher's words, I was again determined to fight the persecution and continued my hunger strike. In the afternoon the thugs sent for a doctor to check my pulse and blood pressure. The doctor announced that I was at death's door, so they rushed me by ambulance to the emergency room of the town hospital.

In the evening the head of the Chengdu Steel Factory visited me in the hospital. Again, he made an offer, asking me to denounce Falun Gong. Again, I turned down the offer.

On the eighth day, May 1, two people checked my pulse, and decided that I really was going to die. They ordered the Chengdu Steel Factory management to either retrieve me from the hospital or face being imprisoned with me at Pi County. I was sent back to Chengdu Steel Factory that evening.

However, the factory management continued my confinement after I returned to Chengdu. I refused any medical treatment, but I began to eat and drink again. My health improved a little, but the injuries from the torture at the brainwashing center caused me so much pain that I could not sleep at night. The sight of the injuries on my body even moved the supervisory staff to tears. I had lost the ability to stand, so the supervisory staff had to take care of me. Later the supervisory staff sent me to Chengdu Steel Hospital for x-rays. The result for the x-rays: lumbar vertebrae from L3 downward protruding backwards, a compressed fracture in vertebra L3, left small joints L2, L3 misaligned with bone fractures, and the spaces between vertebrae L1-2, L2-3 were narrowed.

I was so severely tortured just because I practice Falun Dafa. My story of persecution is a record of the shameless actions of the Chinese political mob.

More than a month has passed since I left brainwashing center. During the entire month I studied the Fa, and I practiced both the sitting meditation and the standing exercises. At first the supervisory staff had to carry me off the bed to use the toilet. Then gradually I was able to climb out of the bed and use a toilet bucket by kneeling down. Now I have restored my ability to stand. All I have is my adamant faith in Falun Dafa and our Teacher. From being almost paralyzed, I was able to restore my ability to stand, which is absolute proof to the world that Falun Dafa is good! All the fabricated lies about Falun Dafa are poisonous deceptions to the world. I hope all the people in the world will evaluate everything rationally. After all, to cherish Falun Dafa is to cherish oneself.