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Dafa Practitioner Li Guojun Tortured and Murdered at the Hands of the Vicious Police

June 20, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Li Guojun was a 37-year-old female Dafa practitioner who lived in Dongyu Village, Weifang City, Shandong Province. Ever since 2001, she had to leave her home and move around frequently to avoid further persecution and unlawful arrest. She disappeared on April 16, 2002. In early June 2002, Cui (first name unknown), the Shouguang Town Party secretary went to Li Guojun's home and told Li Guojun's husband that she was being held in Shouguang's "610 Office" brainwashing class at that time, and he ordered the husband to pay 2,000 Yuan before he would release her. The husband borrowed 2,000 Yuan and gave it to Cui and then waited for his wife to be released. Instead he and his family suffered a complete shock when on June 9, the authorities told Li Guojun's family that his wife had died! Furthermore, her body was immediately rushed to the Daotian Town Crematory and was about to be hurriedly cremated, without her family's knowledge or consent. The husband asked to see her body, but the authorities refused. Later, after Li Guojun family's persistent demands, the callous authorities finally allowed them to view the body. They saw that Li Guojun's body was covered in bruises and was in a completely wretched state.

In the morning of June 10th (April 30th on Chinese lunar calendar), the authorities in Shouguang City using coercion and threats insisted that Li Guojun's family should hastily finish with the funeral. Because of the authorities guilty conscience, they arranged for about four police cars to follow the casket and they did not allow the family to take the time to grieve their loss. The villagers all cried sympathetically. They said in private, "They beat such a healthy person to death and claim it was 'suicide'! I will not believe it as long as I live!"

Li Guojun is gone and leaves behind in addition to her husband, a 12-year-old son. This is the 28th Dafa practitioner in Weifang City, who, in order to uphold the law of the cosmos, was deprived of her right to life by the authorities following Jiang's directives. The guilty parties in Shouguang City and Weifang City owe another bloody debt! All authorities who have participated in this travesty cannot escape their responsibility, and they will receive their due karmic punishments.

Because the authorities purposely blocked information, the specific methods they used to torture Li Guojun to death are still under investigation. However, we believe that, with the help of more people who uphold justice and know the inside story, the truth will be revealed sometime in the near future.