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Torture and Kidnapping of Dafa Practitioners by Police of Weipin Township, Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province

May 26, 2002 |  


Dafa practitioners Yang Jinxin (37, female), Lu Guifang (50, female), and Zhao Yuhua (41, female), went to Beijing to appeal on April 24, 2002. They were arrested in the morning of April 25, in Tiananmen Square. At the Tiananmen police branch, they were forcefully stripped by policewomen, leaving them wearing only their underpants. Then, they were brought into separate rooms to be tortured by male policemen, and each of them was assigned at least two policemen. Since they did not reveal their names and addresses, they were beaten brutally. The policemen also inserted chalk or chopsticks in between their fingers, and then squeezed their fingers until the chalk was crushed and the chopsticks were broken. Their fingers were squeezed until they were dark blue and had swelled up badly. Yang Jinxin was injured badly by the torture. The police poured hot water on her, and her entire body was beaten and swollen. She lost consciousness twice during the torture. The policemen only stopped the torture when Lu Guifang was tricked into revealing her name. The whole process lasted over 5 hours.

The same day, Weipin police station of Xingcheng County sent the three of them directly to Masanjia Detention Center, only to have them refused because they were too weak and injured. Instead, they were sent home.

At around 6 a.m. on May 9, 2002, four policemen broke into Yang Jinxin's home and forced him into a police van. They were accompanied by the head and vice-head of the Xingcheng police brigade, the township police, the township legislative head and the village party secretary. Yang's mother-in-law came into the van to try to stop the police from arresting her. She was pulled out abruptly by Wang Jiaguo, a township policeman, and fell outside the van. They ran over the old lady's upper legs and didn't even stop. All six or seven people in the van felt the bump as the van ran over the old lady. The bystanders were all outraged by the policemen's brutality. Yang's father-in-law quarreled with the township police at the scene, but the police didn't show any sympathy and left in another van without even asking for word of the old lady's condition. Condemned by the bystanders, the village party secretary had to called for an ambulance three hours later. The township police station didn't even take responsibility for the hospital fee.

Later, Lu Guifang and Zhao Yuhua were also arrested. On May 10, their family members found out that all three were sent once again to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.


List of criminal police and officials:

The head of the Xingcheng police brigade, Huludao city: Di (family name); vice head: Wang Shiying

The phone of Xingcheng police brigade, Huludao city: 86-429-5152454

Chief of the Weipin township police station: Wang Shiying (concurrent post); vice chief: Wang Jiaguo; Phone of the township police station: 86-429-5771004

Legislative head of the Weipin township: Cao (family name)

Tuanpiao village party secretary: Chen Weichang

Phone of the Party secretary of the Weipin township: 86-429-5771001