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Dafa Practitioner Liu Jian Pushed to his Death from Third Floor Window by Police in Liuchangshan Forced Labor Camp, Shandong Province

April 07, 2002 |  


It has been reported by insiders that before New Year's Day, on December 28, 2001, Dafa practitioner Liu Jian fell to his death after being pushed out of a third floor restroom window. Liu, the director of the labor camp, secretly planned this murder and Wang, chief of Division Two, arranged for people to commit this crime. After the murder took place, Wang was transferred to another work unit.

Following Liu Jian's death, labor camp officials awarded Cui Wei and other persecutors of Dafa practitioners third degree meritorious awards.

The persecution of Dafa practitioners is still continuing: practitioner Zhang Wu and others were deprived of their right to sleep because they asked for a talk with the labor camp leaders. The team chief, Cui Wei, confined Zhang in a cell designed for labor camp prisoners and he and others took turns watching him. They have been torturing Zhang day and night and not allowing him to sleep for over a dozen days. Right now, Zhang Wu's life is in danger.

The operator's phone number of Liuchangshan Labor Camp: 86-531-7953784

Transfer to Chief Wang of Administration Division, Cui Wei and chief Zhang of Team One, Division Three

Zip code: 250022

Phone number of Jinan City Judicial Bureau: 86-531-2024148

Detailed information about this death case: