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Practitioner Pi Jinghui from Shanhaiguan City Tortured to Death in Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City

April 28, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Pi Jinghui, female, 55 years old, Falun Gong practitioner from Shanhaiguan City, Hebei Province was illegally arrested and held in Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. She passed away on the night of January 19, 2002 after suffering all kinds of physical and mental torture.

Pi Jinghui worked at a light bulb manufactory. She had been imprisoned many times simply for validating Dafa and clarifying the truth of Dafa. She was very healthy and spiritually at peace before she was imprisoned. In 2001, during the period of unlawful detention, the Shanhaiguan Police Substation sent her to Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. She had been suffering all kinds of physical and mental torture, and her health had deteriorated greatly, placing her in grave danger. She was thus released at the end of March 2001. Only one month later, she was once again sent back to and held at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp.

On January 19, Pi Jinghui was in a comatose state after she was brought back from Kaiping by van by four people from the security department at her workplace and the "610 Office." [Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] They first sent Pi Jinghui to her elder sister's home and then to the local police station. However, both refused to take her because of her critical situation. They had no alternative but to temporarily keep her at the factory. That was 7:00 pm. Pi Jinghui passed away at 10:00 p.m. that night. According to an eyewitness, Pi Jinghui's neck was black and blue, and her fingers were black. There has been a strict information blockade enforced by the authorities regarding this matter.

According to insider reports, during her detention in the forced labor camp, after suffering a long period of continuous mental and physical tortures by the guards, Pi wrote the so-called "promise not to practice Falun Gong" while she was in a daze from the severe torture. However, as soon as she regained her clear mind, she declared that all she had written was null and void, and she would firmly cultivate Dafa. The evil police thus became desperate and intensified their torture until she passed away.

In order to force Dafa practitioners to renounce their beliefs, the guards in the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp have utilized the most inhuman means. They even kept Dafa practitioners from sleeping for as long as 28 days! During that period of time, they took turns to ceaselessly brainwash the practitioners day and night, causing great suffering. The police also used various instruments of torture on the practitioners. They sent those determined practitioners to mental hospitals, where they tightly tied the practitioners' hands and feet and forcefully gave them injections to wreck their nerve systems. As a consequence, the practitioners experience many ill effects mentally, losing coherence at times and suffering severe headaches. The police's behavior did not have one bit of basic humanity! Under such circumstances and after suffering all kinds of tortures, practitioners wrote the so-called "promise" when they were in a muddled state. They then were sent to hospitals to have injections for treatment. The physical injuries slowly healed over time, but they still suffered ill effects mentally for long periods of time.