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Further Information About the Death by Torture of Dafa Practitioner Liu Qiusheng

April 20, 2002 |  


Liu Qiusheng: male, 45 years old, from Qingdongya Village of Fucheng County, Hebei Province, started his cultivation in 1995. On February 1st, 2002 (Lunar year: December 20th, 2001) public security guards came to his home and forcibly arrested him. His mother tried to prevent the arrest, so the police took his mother to the Public Security Bureau too.

In front of his mother, the policemen tied Liu Qiusheng to a chair. Then they took his mother to another room and from that room his mother heard them beating her son.

Afterwards, they were sent to a detention center. Liu Qiusheng's mother saw that his face was beaten and had become disfigured.

Liu Qiusheng was persecuted to death on the evening of February 22nd, 2002 (Lunar year: January 11th, 2002.) The next day, the security guards asked the village leader to go to Lincun Lamps Factory (where Liu's 16-year-old son, Liu Dong works) and to deceive Liu Dong into going to the County Public Security Bureau. Liu Dong was told that his father was very sick. At 11 o'clock they forced Liu Dong to sign the death certificate. The police did not inform Liu Qiusheng's family members that they planned to cremate the body until after they did the autopsy.

Liu's family members didn't agree to have the body cremated. The following evening, about 100 policemen were sent to the village. Several policemen beat up a family member who wanted to prevent the cremation. After beating the family member unconscious, they forced the cremation of Liu Qiusheng.