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Details of Dalian Forced Labor Camp's Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

April 02, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dalian Forced Labor Camp has detained many Dafa practitioners since 1999. Male practitioners were forced to do heavy labor. Some female practitioners were sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp because they protested with a hunger strike. Dalian Forced Labor Camp used methods such as brainwashing and highly intensive manual labor to force Dafa practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." Common prisoners often abused Dafa practitioners at work. Practitioners were forced to do the dirtiest and most tiring work. In addition, whenever they displayed any behavior that did not cooperate with the evil, the practitioners would be punished by being locked up in a small cell or put under "strict control." The camp director locked a Dafa practitioner in a small cell only because the practitioner didn't talk congenially with him, which made the director unhappy.

In order to cover up their hideous acts, the camp authorities do not allow practitioners to talk to each other, and do not allow family member to visit, not to mention allow people to appeal. In a word, Dafa practitioners are deprived of their basic constitutional human rights.

As the numbers of detained Dafa practitioners are increasing, in March 2001, the camp personnel formed teams for both males and females, specifically for persecuting Falun Gong. On March 19 and 20, in the Falun Gong male team, police officers and prisoner accomplices beat and tortured practitioners for two days and two nights. The means they used were extremely vicious. One prisoner even said that while he used the electric baton to shock Dafa practitioners, his thumb became blistered from pressing the button. The police authorities employed various instruments of abuse, such as iron handcuffs, high voltage electric police batons, triangular leather belt, and other means. Practitioners were stripped of their clothing down to their underwear. They were handcuffed, pushed to the ground, blocked in with a chair, and brutally beaten. The abusers didn't even go easy on the senior practitioners. One Dafa practitioner who was 59 years old was continuously and repeatedly electrically shocked at five different times. The police perpetrators forced the practitioners to say words against their conscience. If the practitioners didn't follow those commands, the police then ruthlessly tortured them incessantly.

Immediately afterwards, personnel from the camp used the collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to fabricate lies and fool people. They forced the practitioners who had been brainwashed to sing, dance, and talk about their false experiences after being "transformed." They also invited reporters from the TV station to interview those people and fabricate stories. Because of Dafa practitioner's clarifying the truth, the inside story of the labor camp was thoroughly exposed. Since April 2001, of those practitioners who were just arrested and brought in every month, each one was cruelly tortured and forced to write statements against their will. Before July 2001, another Dafa practitioner, Liu Yonglai, suffered all kinds of torture and sadly passed away. Dafa practitioner Zheng Wei has a severely bowed back. The guards not only didn't sympathize with him, but also carried out inhuman tortures against him, insulted and made fun of him. Shortly after he was released in April 2001, he sadly passed away. (There are other Dafa practitioners with unknown names who were tortured to death).

In August 2001, in order to carry out more brutal persecution, personnel from Dalian Forced Labor Camp secretly sent many determined Dafa practitioners to Guanshanzi Forced Camp in Changtu District, Liaoning Province. Among them were: Guo Jufeng, Liu Hongyou, Wang Zhiyong, Wang Chuang, Qu Fei, Chen Yong (who has since been tortured to death), and others. Among them, Mr. Guo Jufeng, full of righteous thoughts and behavior, refused to cooperate with the evil. When talking with the team leader, he convinced people with the Fa principles. Some personnel from the camp leadership got jealous and hated him. Despite the fact that his leg hadn't completely recovered, the ruffians from the camp leadership tortured him, and the methods they employed were extremely brutal. The police officers chased Guo Jufeng when he distributed truth-clarifying flyers to offer salvation to people. He was forced to jump from a high place in his escape attempt and suffered a disabling leg injury. Later, when he was resting at his home in Heilongjiang Province, driven by gains, a policeman from Dalian City Xigang Police Station specifically drove from Dalian City in Liaoning Province to Heilongjiang Province and arrested Guo Jufeng, and threatened: "I am counting on your arrest to get me a reward!"

Currently, there are still many Dafa practitioners being detained at Dalian Forced Labor Camp. They are not allowed to practice the exercises, not allowed to have family members visit unless the practitioner curses our respectful Master. No human rights are observed in this camp. Most of the Dafa practitioners there show serious scabies infection symptoms; some of the sores had even festered to the bone. Some have other serious symptoms. However, not only do the labor camp officials pay no attention, but they also persecute the practitioners even more severely.

Practitioners: Those of you who are reading this article, please send forth righteous thoughts to help the practitioners in Dalian Forced Labor Camp and eradicate the persecution that the evil forces have imposed on Dafa practitioners.

Phone number of the director of Dalian Forced Labor Camp: 011-86-411-6859017

March 26, 2002