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Dafa Practitioner Liu Qiusheng Tortured to Death by Police in Fucheng County, Hebei Province

March 5, 2002


On February 2, 2002, the police broke into Liu Qiusheng's house, dragged him to the courtyard, held him by his hair and beat him relentlessly. Liu was covered with dirt all over his body. Liu's 65-year-old mother went up to stop the beating, but was cursed and slapped around by the police. Later, both mother and son were thrown into the police van and taken to the Public Security Bureau.

After taking Liu to the Public Security Bureau, the police tied him to a chair and beat him brutally for over two hours. After this thrashing, they locked him in a room next to the bathroom. The next day when Liu's mother went to see him, his face was beyond recognition and his ears were black and purple.

At 9 p.m. on February 22, 2002, Liu died of torture. The next morning, the Public Security Bureau lied to the village accountant that Liu was sick and asked him to deceive Liu's son (still a minor) into going to the hospital. They wanted to forcibly dissect Liu's body. Liu's son did not agree and insisted his mother be informed as well. The police lied that they had already notified his mother. After the autopsy, the police coerced him into signing the document.

Liu's wife did not get to the hospital until the afternoon and she requested to see the autopsy report. The police admitted that Liu did not have any illnesses. However, on the 24th, the police reversed themselves and claimed that Liu had died of a sudden illness. They totally ignored the fact that Liu had never taken any medication or received any injections ever since he started to practice Falun Gong in 1995. The police's ridiculous lies can only explain how they are trying to cover up their crimes.

On the afternoon of February 24, the police informed the family that they would cremate the body. Liu's family did not agree since Liu's death was suspicious. Suddenly some armed policemen dispatched from Hengshui (a neighboring county) and the police from Fucheng County rushed out and knocked Liu's mother and sister to the ground. Five or six policemen surrounded each of them, pressing their arms and stepping on their heads with their leather boots. Finally they took away Liu's body forcefully and cremated it.