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More Information on Female Dafa Practitioner Jiang Suhua being Persecuted to Death by Chicheng County Police Bureau

March 29, 2002 |   Mainland China Dafa Practitioner


Jiang Suhua, a 50 year-old, female Falun Dafa practitioner from Shihuiyao village, Yangtian town, Chicheng county, Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province, was detained on February 8th 2002. By 1:00am on March 3rd, she had been brutally tortured to death. The following is an account of the details:

At about 8:00am on February 8th 2002, county police, under the direction of Liu Zaocheng of Yangtian town and police bureau head Du Zhigang, handcuffed Jiang and detained her for 15 days at the county detention center. Her family tried to visit her many times. But, police lied saying that Jiang herself did not want to see them. The police lied because they had beaten her up so badly that she couldn't move and they were afraid that the truth would be revealed.

It had been half a month that the detention center had held her without letting her family see her. On February 26th, one of her relatives found out by chance that Jiang was undergoing emergency treatment at the county hospital, so the relative informed her family. When her family saw her, Jiang was unconscious. Her high blood pressure was 30, no low blood pressure was measurable and the hospital could not do anything about it.

The detention center handed over the dying Jiang Suhua to her family. On the same day her family transferred her to Zhangjiakou municipal hospital. Upon examination, doctors found that her abdomen was full of black and purple blood. There was a bulge on the back of her head with no hair, and she could not raise one of her arms. One spot on one side of her body had become rotten because of a pressure wound. The hospital examination proved without a doubt that Jiang Suhua had been beaten to death. Her internal organs had been seriously damaged by brutal beatings. She had lost the ability to eat or move. Also, she had not received immediate treatment, and the delay in treatment contributed to her death.

It was said that if Jiang Suhua's relatives had not found her at the hospital in time, police would have cremated her body first and then informed her family. They would have done this so that their crimes could be covered up by destroying evidence and to make it impossible to try to revive Jiang at the municipal hospital.

It took only 19 days in the detention center to torture to death this practitioner who steadfastly believed in Falun Dafa.

Originally published on Mar 9, 2002