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A Few Scenes Before and After the Murder of Xishui County Dafa Practitioner Hu Youliang (Continued)

March 17, 2002 |  


Scene 1:

Sometime in mid-January of 2002, No. 1 Section of Xishui County Police Department received a notice to go to Hunan Province and bring back Hu Youliang. Upon hearing of this notice, Xia Shousong, the deputy section chief from the "610 office"[The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] responded by immediately saying, "It was this Hu Youliang who spread everywhere that his blood spurted as far as 2 meters from our beatings. This time when he comes back, he will be beaten until his brains spurt as far as 2 meters. We shall beat the life out of him!"

On January 18, Hu Youliang was brought back to Xishui Detention Center. The detention center found that Hu was extremely weak and had been on hunger strike for almost one month, so they refused to take him in. Yang Jian, the section chief of the "610 office," reported this situation to the police department over the phone. Directors Hong Zengxie and Huang Haijun ordered, "They must take him with no exception. If he dies, they will not be asked to take responsibility." The detention center replied, "Oral orders do not count, you need to write it down on paper." Hong and Huang replied, "No paperwork is to be given, he must be taken." Being afraid to take responsibility in case something would happen, the detention center still firmly refused to take him. At this time, Yang Jian said, "We will leave him here (at the detention center) temporarily for two days, then we will decide what to do next." It was in this way that Hu Youliang was put into Xishui No. 1 Detention Center.

Scene 2:

After Hu Youliang was murdered, his body remained warm after 10 hours. Even the metal holder underneath his body was warm. His family members then asked the police department to allow them to carry home his body for further observation, which was refused. When the family members asked for a reasonable explanation, the vicious police pretended to send in a medical examiner. When the medical examiner arrived, they first held an emergency meeting. After the meeting, some military police officers guarded the door, and all the people were driven away, including the family members. After the medical examiner examined the body, he found that the temperature of the body was indeed very high and that the four limbs were very flexible. When he came out, the people asked for the results. The medical examiner just replied, "I cannot explain."

Scene 3:

The murder of Hu Youliang was a heavy blow to his wife, two daughters and his other relatives. They were in deep sorrow. They said in tears, "You (the police) are so cruel. He did not deserve to be murdered! When he had been on hunger strike for 20 days, you still would not let him go. After he was tortured to death, you did not even release his body. Isn't it always claimed on TV how you warmly treat Falun Gong practitioners as your relatives? You say one thing and do another."

Scene 4:

By chance, an everyday person attended Hu Youliang's memorial service held by Dafa practitioners. After he heard in person the solemn, stirring Fa-rectification stories and saw the graceful words and actions of Dafa practitioners, he personally felt this benevolent atmosphere. He was deeply moved and offered praise again and again. He took out 400 Yuan [average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan] and asked practitioners to give the money to Hu Youliang's family members. Then he immediately asked the Dafa practitioners to teach him the Falun Gong exercises. This was a great encouragement to Dafa practitioners.

Scene 5:

Many ordinary people had thought that the death of Hu Youliang would be a huge blow to local Dafa practitioners. The reality was just the opposite. On the second day after Hu Youliang's death, they held a memorial service. Moreover, since that day, every memorial service, large or small, would become a wonderful Fa Conference. Through this case, everyone compared themselves with the requirements of Dafa and looked inward to find one's omissions during the process of Fa rectification. They compared with each other in Fa study and cultivation, and inspired a lot of practitioners who had never stepped forward, forming a very encouraging environment.

Scene 6:

Many sentient beings became awakened. We heard some people saying, "Didn't he just do the exercises? There is no reason to beat them to death. The police have been too rampant!" Some people said, "What they did was illegal. Even if Hu Youliang was guilty, it is stipulated in the law that no suspect should be allowed to die during the trial period. Furthermore, according to another law, if a suspect has been on hunger strike for 3 days, it would indicate that the suspect might be innocent. They should either present the evidence or release the person. If they do things like this, they should take legal responsibility!" Someone said, "Falun Gong practitioners are so great, they could even defend it with their lives!" Some ordinary people also said, "As soon as I see those thugs on TV, I think in my heart that they will certainly receive retribution."

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March 10, 2002