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A Magnificent Epic of Safeguarding the Fa with One's Life

February 05, 2002 |  

January 26, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Anyone who ever came into contact with Hu Youliang felt from him the unique firm determination possessed only by Dafa disciples. However, when looking at his thin body, one could hardly imagine how he could have come through the brutal beatings by a gang of evil police. Yet he held out time after time, even though he had to spit out blood by the mouthful, and he withstood it all.

Still, he has gone. He gave his life for the awakening of sentient beings, and for the sacred pledge made in the remote past.

He used to say, "I cannot stay at home when the Fa is not rectified." With this on his mind, he left his two primary school age daughters and went to carry around those heavy loads of truth-clarifying materials for the sake and happiness of many others.

He used to say, "I'm so anxious that there are still many fellow practitioners who have not stepped forward." For them, he rushed about here and there.

He has thus left us.

We feel no grief or sorrow. Our hearts are overflowing with the solemn and moving epic of an enlightened being safeguarding the Fa with his life.

We feel no pain or agony, only the unswerving firmness in assisting Master in Fa-rectification and the indomitable determination to go forward.

We will not flinch or falter; instead we will always remember Master's teachings and continue to awaken those lost lives and souls.

Still, we shed tears, for the immense suffering Master has endured, for the unconditional sacrifices by Dafa disciples, and also for the gradual awakening of sentient beings.

Our tears are not shed in vain, because through the tears we see an incomparably beautiful new universe.

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