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A Glimpse of Hu Youliang Before and After He Was Tortured to Death

February 13, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On January 24 and 25, 2002, the second and third days after Falun Dafa practitioner Hu Youliang was tortured to death, there were many rumors heard. Some said that Hu died of illness, while others said that Hu died during a hunger strike. Who is trying to confuse people with rumors and lies? Who is trying to hide the truth of a murder and shirk responsibility? People of moral integrity, please follow our "snapshots" of the events regarding this tragedy and form your own conclusion.

Snapshot #1:

On January 21, 2002, when Hu Youliang's sister went to the prison for a visit, Hu said, "They (Public Security Agents) have already investigated and know what happened in Hunan. They are going to release me. When you go back home, prepare enough money to pay for my food expenses in prison." At that time, Hu Youliang was very clear minded, nimble and healthy. How is it possible that he suddenly died of an illness the next day?

Snapshot #2:

On the morning of January 23, 2002, while the bereaved wife and her two daughters mourned in tremendous pain, a cover-up was staged in the hospital ward for Indigenous Diseases. Public Security agents and medical personnel were pretending to insert oxygen tubes and set up intravenous fluids for the already dead Hu Youliang. They orchestrated a "rescue" of a corpse, with a Public Security agent videotaping this "touching" scene to forge a permanent record of their fabricated attempts to save Hu's life.

At the news of his death, Hu's friend came to the hospital and witnessed this disgusting scene. He angrily said, "You should not do this! He is already dead, but you are still performing a fake 'rescue!' What crime did Hu Youliang commit? Isn't it that he just practiced Falun Gong? He did nothing so severe that his life should be taken!"

The depraved Public Security agents warned him, "Mind your words. You talk too much."

Snapshot #3:

At the cremation, the Public Security agents scurried about, and military police were standing guard. Falun Gong practitioners were barred from the funeral. Relatives weren't allowed to raise any questions about Hu's death and were not allowed to choose any type of burial services other than cremation. Furthermore, nobody was permitted to say that Hu Youliang died of any cause other than illness.

Hu Youliang's body was hurriedly taken to the crematorium. At the crematorium, the furnace had to lit four times in order for the body to ignite.

Before the cremation, a relative touched Hu's body and inadvertently pressed on his stomach, which caused a yellow, bloody fluid and white foam to seep from his mouth. The body was still warm.

What did this indicate?

Snapshot #4:

After the cremation, the Public Security agents relaxed and were suddenly no longer nervous. They laughed heartily, hugged each other, offered cigarettes to one another, and acted as if nothing had ever happened.

What does this say?

Mr. Hu died a very unjust death. Our "snapshots" will continue to focus on occurrences of evil and exposing these types of atrocities to the world. Heavenly rules exist, and the Fa encompasses all. We compassionately warn these criminals that there is no escape from the heavenly law of retribution. What the future holds for you is to repay your debt, painfully and forever.

Criminal Offenders:

Fang Yunming, "610 Office" Manager of Xisui County. (The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems).

Huang Haijun, Vice Chief of Xisui County Public Security Bureau, in charge of persecution

Yang Jian, Section Head, State Security Section of Xisui County Public Security Bureau

Gan Sitao, Tao Jinshong, State Security Section of Xisui County Public Security Bureau -- their crimes had been exposed extensively on Clearwisdom.net

Xisui County Public Security Bureau Telephone: 86-713-422-6102, 86-713-423-6102