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Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Tortured in the Anshan City Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province

December 30, 2002 |  


During the 2002 Spring Festival (in February), malicious police officers in the Anshan City Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province, intensified their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Yang Dexue was one of those who was persecuted. Because Yang resisted police officers' evil orders, a malicious policewoman named Zhao Liping slapped her hard in the face and assigned four criminals, Huang Xiuqing, Meng Lina, Han Bo and Hou Shurong, to beat her brutally. After the beating was over, Yang reported it to the Political Commissioner Zhang Zhenyang, but he said he would do nothing about it. Soon after, Yang was brutally beaten again. She was black and blue all over, her eyes and face were swollen, and she could not take care of herself in her daily life.

When practitioners who were illegally detained in the First Brigade of the labor camp sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil elements in other dimensions that were controlling the malicious police officers and prisoners, the police officers became even more cruel. On February 12, a policewoman named Liu Sujuan used a broom to jab the practitioners in the face while they were sending forth righteous thoughts. On the morning of February 15, a policeman named Sun Bing took away all the watches and clocks in the brigade so the practitioners could not tell the time when sending forth righteous thoughts. Another vicious policeman named Liu Zhijie brought in several prisoners to interfere with the practitioners, and a policeman named Qi Hua blasted a radio to try and distract them.

Under these circumstances, the practitioners in the First Brigade decided to go on a hunger strike to protest. On the evening of February 17, Political Commissar Zhang Zhenyang came to the First Brigade. At first, he feigned kindness by giving his consent for the practitioners to send forth-righteous thoughts and asking them to eat a little, but behind the scenes he incited even more madness amongst the prisoners by asking them to intensify their interference. Practitioner Kou Xiaoping saw through his deception and all the practitioners continued their hunger strike, demanding to be set free from the labor camp with a "not guilty" verdict. On the afternoon of February 19, several policemen viciously force-fed the practitioners in the First Brigade as a means to escalate the persecution. After force-feeding, their (the practitioners') faces and nails turned pale. Their entire bodies ached and their internal organs were extremely painful. They could not even turn their bodies while resting in bed or walk without someone's help. Practitioner Wang Jinli had a high fever for more than half a month and practitioner Xu Fengmei lost control of her bladder. Some other practitioners had bad coughs for more than one month. That same evening, practitioners Zhang Xiaofang, Wang Jinli, Li Yanmei, Xu Fengmei, Wang Sumei, Liu Suhuan, and Kou Xiaoping were in extreme pain. Zhang Zhenyang and Liu Zhijie came to the First Brigade to hurl insults at them, saying they were faking it. Practitioner Liu Sumei had a high fever for a long period of time and was sent to the first-aid center for treatment. Worrying about the expenses, the police forced her to leave the first-aid center the next day. Half a month later, they carried her back to the labor camp and abused her repeatedly.

Dafa practitioner Kou Xiaoping died a tragic death after the force-feeding. She felt painful all over her body, her mouth was extremely dry, and her nails and face turned pale. After two days of so-called "emergency treatment", she died after all rescue efforts failed.

On June 24, 2002, practitioner Xu Yanju was brutally beaten on the buttocks with a cane by a thug in the labor camp, causing her to pass out twice from the pain. She could not get up from her bed for several days and needed help when she went to the toilet. The police didn't allow any of the collaborators (former practitioners who gave up the practice of Dafa under pressure) in the labor camp to take showers together with the steadfast practitioners for fear that their consciences might awaken and they would see the true facts of the persecution. After Xu Yanju was beaten, other practitioners went to commissioner Zhang Zhenyang to reason with him, but he said he would do nothing about it.

Li Mei obtained the Fa in April 2000 and was extremely steadfast in cultivation and Fa-rectification. After being sent to the Anshan City Labor Camp, she refused to cooperate with the evil and was brutally beaten on July 6, 2002. The names of these thugs who beat Xu Yanju and Li Mei are Han Bo and Yan Liying. The director of the labor camp ordered them to beat Xu Yanju and Li Mei after they refused to greet him.