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The Inside Story of How Police Officers Brutalize Dafa Practitioners at the Tangshan Labor Camp in Hebei Province

October 16, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On June 18, 2001, the police in Tangshan Labor Camp in Hebei Province intensified their efforts to brainwash Dafa practitioners by setting up seven so-called "stronghold attack teams." Each team consisted of three police officers equipped with two electric batons, wooden sticks, nylon ropes and handcuffs. The leader was the assistant director of the camp, Yu Detian. Dafa practitioners were all gradually gathered at the sixth unit to be "strictly disciplined." The people who ran the sixth unit, Gao Yongjing, Wang Yulin and Li Xiaozhong were also members of the "stronghold attack team." The first thing the police officers did was to force practitioners to "admit that they were guilty and they were wrong." Practitioners were also punished by having to stand against a wall or squat on the floor with both hands holding their heads. The police repeatedly cursed Dafa and Master Li, and they forced practitioners to do the same. If practitioners did not follow their evil acts, they would say the practitioners "refused to follow the discipline" and use nylon ropes to tie their hands behind their backs and then shock them with electric batons all over their bodies. They also used wooden sticks to viciously hit their heads, legs, buttocks and backs. The police took turns torturing Dafa practitioners around the clock. If Dafa practitioners protested their actions, they would immediately use electric batons to shock their mouths to prevent them from talking.

On September 21, 2001, Dafa practitioner Zhang Guanzhong died from the torture. He was only 30 years old. His body was covered with scars from electric shocks, beatings from wooden sticks and marks from nylon ropes. Dafa practitioner Song Youchun's head was injured and bleeding from the beatings. Sixty-four year old Liu Wenbo was beaten and shocked for over forty minutes. He could not raise his arms for a long time due to the beating. Shi Wenge was tied up by policeman Gao Shuijing many times and was shocked all over his body. They used perverse methods to shock his private parts. Policeman Li Xiaozhong used wooden sticks and rubber tubes to viciously beat Shi Wenge's buttocks and back. The beaten areas turned black and blue and were swollen for many days. Wang Yulin's hands and feet were extended and tied to a bed with handcuffs and nylon ropes. Her body was tied to the bed and she could not move for 48 hours. By the end of September, there were over 100 Dafa practitioners being viciously beaten, shocked by electric batons, beaten by wooden sticks and tied up with nylon ropes.

In the middle of March 2002, the labor camp started the second round of violent brainwashing. A "stronghold attack" team consisting of six police officers was set up on the third floor of the new west wing. The leader was assistant director Wang Yong. Over ten Dafa practitioners, including Liu Tianlai, Wang Zhihe and Zhao Hanzhen were tied up, shocked with electric batons, viciously beaten and forced to stand against the wall many times. Dafa practitioner Zhang Yuanchen was tied up, shocked with electric batons, beaten on the legs with wooden rods, given long-term physical punishment and deprived of sleep many times. This treatment went on for over forty days. On June 4, six police officers tied Dafa practitioner Zhou Zhipu's hands behind his back. Policeman Wang Ying used electric batons and policeman Liu Fuxing used wooden sticks to hit his legs. The other four police officers beat him with their fists and kicked him, until Dafa practitioner Zhou Zhipu lost consciousness. When the police officers were tired, they instigated the criminals in the labor camp to viciously beat Zhou Zhipu many times. Zhou Zhipu's front teeth were all loose due to the beating. He was tortured like this for 15 long days and he still has difficulty walking. On June 18th, Dafa practitioner Yang Yuanguang was slapped 40 times by policeman Liu Fuxing.

The most vicious police officers in Tangshan Labor Camp are: Gao Yongjing, Liu Fuxing, Wang Yulin, Li Xiaozhong, Zhao Kun, Liu Weidong, Zhang Xiaofeng, Li Weiping, Wang Ying, Gu Shiqing, Li Jianzhong, Zhang Jingmin, Han Dongqi, Yi Zhongtang.