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The Torture and Murder of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Baimalong Forced Labor Camp of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province

January 02, 2002 |  


While trying to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," lawless officials in some places in Hunan Province often say, "We will send you to the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp where we will see how determined you are!" We therefore cannot help thinking that it must be a very terrible place. We do not have much information about what is happening there, but let us look at what one Dafa Practitioner has seen and heard during her two-month experience (February ~ March 2001) in the labor camp.

The Baimalong Forced Labor Camp of Zhuzhou City is one of the most comprehensive Forced Labor Camps in Hunan Province. It is quite isolated due to a tight blockade on information. Therefore, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the police there is essentially unknown to outsiders, including the practitioners' family members. The labor camp does not allow any contact between practitioners and their families.

The illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners were not only forced to work as beasts of burden for more than 10 hours a day, but also were often beaten, cursed and hit with electric batons. In addition, police severely tortured them whenever they studied Dafa, did Dafa exercises or even sat down cross-legged.

For example, on February 5, when Falun Dafa practitioners Xiong Ruilian and Peng Daohui were sitting cross-legged on a bed, the police dragged them down to the ground and then handcuffed them to the iron window with their feet hanging in the air. Shortly after, the practitioners became nauseous. They vomited and sweated profusely. From then on, the police handcuffed these two practitioners every day. They were either hung from the window or forced to kneel under the bed.

On February 10, nearly 70 practitioners were hung in the air. The police forcefully jerked on the handcuffs for a while. Some of the practitioners were bleeding from the torture. Many practitioners, among whom was Peng Daohui, lost control of their bowels and bladders. The police showed no concern even when she lost consciousness. Later she was laid down with others, all of whom remained hand-cuffed for a long time.

After a meal one evening, Dafa practitioners were forced to watch fabricated TV programs slandering Falun Dafa. The practitioners responded by reciting Dafa articles. Because of this, they were forced to stand in the cold for the entire February night. The following day, practitioners could no longer tolerate the hard labor and either slept on the cement ground or sat down cross-legged. The police, therefore, punched and kicked them, shocked them with electric batons and forced them to stand the whole night. This happened one night after another for a long time.

One time, when a practitioner was reciting one of Mr. Li's articles, a policeman stuffed a sock into the practitioner's mouth. The practitioner's eyes immediately rolled back in her head while the policeman kept cursing her. He tried to put another sock into her mouth but was stopped by other practitioners.

One day in early March, a policeman handcuffed a practitioner without any reason and hung her up from morning until afternoon. After that, she was left hanging there until evening because she did not respond to the police roll call with the word "yes," which is the way a real criminal should respond. After dinner, she refused to watch a TV program attacking Falun Dafa, so the police left her hanging until the second morning when she lost consciousness. The rest of the practitioners were also forced to stand for the whole night without sleep.

On the morning of March 23, practitioners in the No.2 team refused to say "yes" when the police called them. As a result, the police shouted and threatened to torture them to death. The practitioners were beaten, kicked and hit with electric batons for the whole day. They were severely injured. On practitioners Hu Yuehui and Wu Aijun's bodies, no uninjured skin could be found. Blood spots and burn marks were all over their bodies. Their legs, mouths, faces and eyes were swollen and covered with black and blue bruises. It was horrible to look at them.

On March 25, all Falun Dafa practitioners in the labor camp went on a hunger strike to protest against the brutality. Four days later, the police tied the practitioners with ropes and handcuffs and force-fed them. They used a long bamboo pipe, with one end cut at an angle, to force-feed the practitioners. This was a terribly painful experience for the practitioners. Practitioner Zuo Shuchun died from this mistreatment.

After Zuo's death, officials in the labor camp changed the method to intravenous force-feeding. Those who refused to take it were severely beaten with an electric baton. After being beaten for a while, practitioners were asked whether they would accept the force-feeding or not.

The police series numbers of the policemen who brutally beat practitioners: 4329158; 4329302; 4329138