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Details of Dafa Practitioner Wang Xiufang's Death Under the Persecution of Jiutai City Detention Center in Jilin Province

January 19, 2002 |   By a Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Wang Xiufang, female, lived in Zuojia Town, Yongji City, Jilin Province. She was illegally arrested by corrupt police when she went to Tumenling Town in Jiutai City [usually towns are inside cities in China] to distribute truth clarifying materials together with another Dafa practitioner, Ms. Cao, on the morning of December 21, 2001. Not until ten days later did the police inform her family of her death.

At about 9 a.m. on January 1, 2002, the Jiutai City Police Department called Wang Xiufang's home to tell her family members of her arrest. In the afternoon, the police illegally ransacked her home, attempting to find more evidence for persecuting her. In the end they only found some envelopes with truth-clarifying materials.

At around 5 p.m. in the evening the police department called Wang Xiufang's family in order to arrange her bail because of her health condition. Her family members went to the police department and requested to see her, but were informed that she was at the hospital. When the family arrived at the Jiutai City People's Hospital, they saw that Wang Xiufang was near death. About ten minutes later, she left this world. At the time she was not wearing any clothes on her lower body. Her left ankle was swollen, part of her right leg was blue in color and the skin from her back to her buttocks and ribs was a purplish, dark blood color. She also had a wound above her eyes. According to an insider, her mouth and eyes were bloody, but had been wiped clean. An insider also revealed that during her imprisonment, Wang Xiufang kept protesting the brutal torture with a hunger strike, and did not cooperate with the vicious force-feedings.

The family members decided to wait at the corpse inspection site. The Jiutai City Police Department became extremely nervous and sent two vehicles full of police. If they weren't hiding anything, what were they afraid of?

Soon the family members came to understand that Wang Xiufang had been tortured to death, so they videotaped her body as evidence as the corpse was being inspected. When Jiutai City Police Department learned about the videotaping, they threatened the family members that were still present. The police did not allow them to leave and held them as hostages in order to force the family member who had the videotape to turn it in. After this family member turned in the tape, the police also illegally confiscated the video camera.

Then the Jiutai City Police Department secretly sent the body to the Jiutai City Funeral Parlor for a hasty cremation in order to destroy the evidence of their crime.

Later, Jiutai City Police Department blocked all information and threatened Wang Xiufang's family, causing them to constantly be in a panicked and fear-struck state.

All of the persecution against Dafa practitioners is illegal. Wang Xiufang was illegally arrested, without any evidence; her family did not receive an arrest warrant; she was illegally imprisoned for over ten days without a detention warrant being issued; she was sent to the hospital, without any receipt of hospitalization or emergency treatment; after her death, there wasn't even a death certificate issued. All of the truth is being covered up and blocked, but Heaven is keeping track of how many Dafa practitioners have died under such conditions!

We appeal to all kind-hearted people: use your righteous hearts to stop the criminals at Jiutai City Police Department. We will continue to watch this case and investigate it in greater detail.

Ms. Cao, who was arrested together with Wang Xiufang, is still imprisoned in Jiutai City Detention Center. She is not allowed to see anyone, nor does her family know of her present condition. We are awaiting an investigation.

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