(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher said, "I can tell you, all of the natural and man-made disasters that have been happening in Mainland China are already warnings for the sins the beings there have committed against Dafa. If they don't come to realize it, then the real catastrophe(s) will begin." (Dafa is Indestructible)

[Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] A policeman's whole family suffers because of his evil deeds

Wang Yinwu, former director of Zhangleng village police station, Zanhuang County, Shijiazhung City, insanely persecuted Dafa practitioners. He beat and cursed at them at will, and extorted 2000 to 5000 yuan from them. In addition, he also handcuffed them to trees or pillars all night.

In June 2001, Wang's son got into a fight with someone in his village and was beaten into a coma. When Wang went to appeal to the county's higher authorities, he was ignored. Now, Wang Yinwu has been transferred from Zhangleng Village. This is the retribution of one who has persecuted Dafa and Dafa practitioners. One does evil by oneself but the whole family suffers as a result.

[Fusong County, Jilin Province] Several examples of immediate retribution

In March 2000, Tang Liguo, who was just promoted to the head of a transportation unit in the transportation bureau of Fusong County, was on his way to Xianrenqiao to illegally arrest Dafa practitioners. In the car, he cursed at Dafa and Teacher. Just while he was talking wildly with these dirty words, he passed away. He was just over 40 years of age!

In order to follow closely Jiang's evil scoundrels, Wei Wei, vice secretary of the XX party committee in Fusong County, had some evil ideas about how to mistreat Dafa practitioners early this year. Not long afterwards, he was sent to jail because of his economic problems. Could this have happened coincidentally?

Gu Xiandou, the director general of the police department in Fusong County, was the evil scoundrel in direct charge of persecuting Falun Gong. In the past two years, he had extorted a lot of money from Dafa practitioners. Recently, it has been disclosed that in the 1960's, Gu was involved in a homicide case. Gu Xiandou absconded and is now wanted.

[Qixia City, Shandong Province] Several examples of immediate retribution

Li Ning, the politics and law committee secretary in Qixia City, illegally sent almost 20 Dafa practitioners to labor camps. He also set up a total of three brainwashing classes. He is now suffering retribution and staying in the hospital with a severe illness. Hopefully, he will learn a lesson by realizing his errors and mending his ways.

To date, over a dozen evil villains in Qixia City who persecuted Dafa practitioners, have been either injured, killed in traffic accidents, or hospitalized suffering from severe illnesses.

Zhang Wanlin, an evil villain who persecuted Dafa in Qixia City, is from the Madian village of Western Town, in Qixia City. This person insanely squawked, "It will be okay if Falun Gong practitioners are beaten to death." We hereby warn Zhang Wanlin that whoever persecutes Dafa must suffer retribution.

At present, Qixia City is illegally holding brainwashing classes for the fourth time. The government of Sikou Town ordered all government officials (about 30 people) to dispatch a midnight onslaught and arrest Dafa practitioners. They forcefully arrested 5 Dafa practitioners.

We warn the evil villain Liu Xiangdong (Head of the Shikou Broadcasting Station): good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil. If you don't realize this, you will be faced with retribution immediately.

[Longxing Village, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Village heads receive retribution

Zhang Yunlong (the party secretary of the village) and Wang Chuizhou (the head of the village) forced Dafa practitioners to a brainwashing class. They tortured Dafa practitioners with brutal methods such as pouring alcohol and drugs down the practitioners' throats, forcing them to smoke cigarettes, burning the heels of their feet with fire, burning their lips with cigarettes, burning their noses with sulfuric acid, etc. They have suffered immediate retribution. Zhang Yunlong was diagnosed with diabetes, and Wang Chuizhou was diagnosed with a liver disease, and was forced to the hospital for over one month. They are afraid to say to the public that they have illnesses. They are afraid that the people will say that they received retribution from persecuting Dafa practitioners.

[Laiyang City, Shandong Province] Several examples of immediate retribution on persons who enlightened along an evil path and undermined Dafa

Wang Baoxiang- entire body festered.

Gai Meijuan- feet festered.

Gai Shufang- entire body festered.

Former contact person in Longwangzhuang Town, Dong Qianting, persecuted Dafa practitioners after he enlightened along an evil path. Warning! If he continues to do evil, he will be faced with retribution immediately.

[Zhoukou City, Henan Province] Several examples of immediate retribution

The mother-in-law of a practitioner in Zhoukou City was controlled by evil to denounce Dafa, and Teacher. She also, along with the rest of the family, threatened and forced her daughter-in-law to give up cultivation practice. In early September this year, a fellow practitioner was looking for her daughter-in-law. She tongue-lashed the practitioner without end. The fellow practitioner was trying to stop her from her cursing, but she wouldn't listen. Not long after that, her leg was bitten by a mosquito and it started to swell. Then, her whole body became edematous. The more treatment she received, the more swollen it was. Even though she stayed in the hospital, the cause of what happened has not been found.

There was a woman in a village of Zhoukou City who, one day near the end of August saw a practitioner go to her relative's home. She then viciously called for her family members and then started cursing at the practitioner. Only a few minutes after the practitioner left, her finger was ground in half by a gear wheel.

In Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, the couple Ma Renmin and Ma Xinying, and the parents of their son-in-law, believed the evil's deceiving propaganda after July 20 1999. They denounced Teacher and Dafa. Their son-in-law was suddenly killed when struck by lightning.

Here's some advice to all common people: "good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil" is a heavenly principle. Facing major matters of principle, conscience and justice is needed. See clearly the evil that deceives common people with propaganda. Being kind-hearted towards Dafa is giving a joyful future to yourselves and your families; otherwise, you will receive retribution and implicate your families as well.