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Latest News from China - 08/14/2001

August 26, 2001 |  



[Langfang City, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Cui Yulan and One Other Unknown Practitioner Are Tortured to Death in Langfang City

Falun Dafa practitioner Cui Yulan and another unknown practitioner were tortured to death over 2 months ago in Langfang city, Hebei province. The details of their deaths are not yet known. Falun Dafa practitioners who have access to the Internet were kidnapped before they could send out information about these 2 death cases. We appeal to international human rights organizations to pay attention to this matter.

[Liaoning Province] An Appeal to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Rescue Fellow Practitioners on Hunger Strike in Masanjia Labor Camp

Over 130 Falun Dafa practitioners illegally held in Masanjia Labor Camp have taken part in a group hunger strike (for over 10 days so far) [as of today, over 19 days -- ed.]. They demand the unconditional release of all Falun Dafa practitioners, including those practitioners who are held in custody beyond their jail terms, to restore justice to Falun Dafa, to restore the reputation of the founder of Falun Gong, and to stop the brutal persecution. One other source has reported that in the hospital located beneath Dabei Prison in Shenyang province, over 10 female Falun Dafa practitioners have been on a hunger strike for an extended period of time. These female practitioners are in extremely weak conditions, and their lives are in imminent danger.

[Henan Province] A Heart of Kindness That Shakes the Heavens and the Earth

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Henan province had left a volume of Zhuan Falun with an elderly lady before being arrested by the police. Later on, the elderly lady became afraid that the police had found out about the book, yet she knew that Falun Dafa is good and she was unwilling to turn in the book. Her family members then buried the book in a huge pile of earth in the yard. Those days, the weather indicated that it could rain anytime. The elderly lady was extremely worried when she couldn't find the book, "Please don't rain no matter what. This is a book to be cherished, and it can't be destroyed out in the yard." Finally, it started to rain in nearby areas. However, it didn't rain in this area until 9 days later when the practitioner was released and had retrieved the book.

[Shanghai] Urgent Appeal from Shanghai Falun Dafa Practitioners: Send Forth Righteous Thoughts Together to Eliminate the Evil

According to reliable sources, as the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation) Summit is to be held in Shanghai this October, the "610" Office (specifically established to persecute Falun Gong) in Shanghai has secret plans to illegally round up a large number of Falun Dafa practitioners and send them to brainwashing classes. This campaign is to be carried out in the name of "security" and in coordination with a round of large-scale nationwide brainwashing classes. So far three sessions of brainwashing classes have been held in suburban Qingpu County, where several dozen Falun Dafa practitioners are being illegally held in custody. There are also over 100 female practitioners who have been illegally sent to a women's labor camp. The number of male practitioners sent to forced "labor through re-education" camps is not known.

[China] Converging into the Mighty Torrent of Fa-Rectification

In today's process of Fa-rectification, we are constantly moved by the unselfish benevolence of Falun Dafa practitioners who follow the benevolent teachings of our Master.

A while back, due to the interference by those who had "enlightened" along an evil path, great damage had been done to our local Falun Dafa work. All of a sudden, our source of truth-clarifying materials was cut off, our financial situation was quite difficult, and the work to clarify the truth came to a halt. When a practitioner who participated in clarifying the truth learned that there was no more money that could be spent to put together materials, he decided to sell his blood in order for the Dafa work to continue. (Due to the persecution he has gone through, this practitioner has lost everything at home.) Later on, as funds became available, he was persuaded not to do so, yet his genuineness moved us to tears. At the same time, it made those of us who didn't do as well, who waited passively and expected external changes, feel ashamed. Our Teacher has said, "So in clarifying the truth, don't wait, don't rely on others, and don't just hope for changes in external factors." (Quoted from Teacher's recent article To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference.) If each and every Falun Dafa practitioner can develop this sincere heart, then more people who have been misled by lies can be saved.

[Zhoukou City, Henan Province] Huaiyang County Police Raid and Plunder Homes, Shoot at Falun Dafa Practitioners

On July 21, 2001 at 6 pm, the chief of police, Ren Wei, of the Huaiyang County Police Station of Henan Province, Zhukou City, led a raid on Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Li's home. At the time of the raid, no one was home except for a neighbor's child. Ren Wei and his officers broke into Zhang Li's home without a warrant and smashed the furniture, all the while dispersing the onlookers. They "confiscated" 1700 Yuan in cash, which was the family's entire savings. Zhang Li became destitute and homeless. At a later date, Zhang Li's spouse asked Ren Wei for their money back, but Ren Wei categorically denied that he had taken any money.

In June 2001, chief of police Wang Wanzhong of the Zhuji township in Huaiyang County forced the wife of Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Ji to remain on a farm for four days. Although she was not incarcerated, she did not dare go home. Wang Wanzhong led a search party to find her. When they tracked her down, they beat her mercilessly, then took her to the local detention center. Because her injuries were so severe, the detention center refused to accept her. Wang feared that because of their refusal to accept her, he would be unable to report his deed as an accomplishment, so he resorted to giving the detention center a sum of money as a bribe in hopes that they would cooperate with his criminality. The situation of Liu Ji's wife at present is unclear.

In June 2001, the Huaiyang County police, along with the Zhoukou municipal police, armed themselves with guns to track down Falun Dafa practitioners who distributed Dafa materials in the countryside. Upon arriving at a farm, they suddenly fired upon three Falun Dafa practitioners. They also came to a Falun Dafa practitioner's home to arrest him. Seeing that the police were taking away good people, the local residents surrounded the police vehicle to prevent the police from taking these practitioners away, asserting that they were innocent. But acting maliciously, the police again suddenly fired their guns to threaten the people in order to achieve their misdeeds.

Since July 20, 1999, in Huaiyang County of Henan Province, Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested over and over again. The total of fines collected alone have reached 3 million Yuan RMB. The local Falun Dafa practitioners have been living in difficulty and many of them are penniless and homeless. Some have even depended on the generosity of others to be able to eat. The overwhelming majority of the crimes were committed by Huaiyang County police station chief Ren Wei. In June and July 2001, Huaiyang County police again illegally arrested more than 100 Falun Dafa practitioners.

[Suizhou City, Hubei Province] With Righteous Thoughts, Falun Dafa Practitioner Escapes from Danger

On August 12, Suizhou City of Hubei Province, Falun Dafa practitioner Jiang Zhiyong escaped from illegal detention and walked out openly and in an upright manner. For the previous several days, he had been continuously detained at a guesthouse in Suizhou City. The police interrogated him day and night about a list of practitioners who access the Internet and about two other practitioners' whereabouts. In the end, they were not able to get anything from the interrogation. Jiang Zhiyong sent forth the righteous thought, "I must get out. Teacher, please help me." On August 12, the guard fell asleep, and the driver and other persons in the outside hall did not notice him. Jiang Zhiyong then walked out of the guesthouse.

[Wuchang City, Hubei Province] Elderly Falun Dafa Practitioner from Hogshan is Suspected to Have Been Kidnapped by Police

Ms. Song, a Falun Dafa practitioner from the former Wuchang Hongshan practice site, is now 65 years old. She has been missing ever since she went to East Lake on August 2, and her whereabouts are still unclear even now. Whoever knows of her situation, please be alert to her whereabouts, and in the mean time, please send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] The Evil Force Intensifies its Effort to Block Internet Access in Changchun Area

Recently, the computer network blockade in the Changchun area has been further intensified. Many practitioners' access to the Internet has been blocked, causing difficulties with sending out emails. In some cases they have even received suspicious transmissions. People from all walks of life, please take note of this situation.

[Haikou City, Hainan Province] Police Scheme to Hunt Down and Arrest Falun Dafa Practitioners Who Are Destitute and Homeless

Haikou City has launched an initiative to clean up and reorganize their rental homes and normalize the management of the floating population in the entire city from August 5 to September 30. During the comprehensive clean-up stage from August 10 to September 10, the police department will visit every village, street, household, and apartment, to find out which homes are rentals, the background of the renters, as well as their registration and identification information.

This initiative is a part of Haikou City's attempt to strictly control their inhabitants under the banner of "severe strike," and is also a scheme of the evil force to persecute Falun Gong practitioners who are homeless. We suggest Haikou practitioners stop and eradicate the evil force with their righteous thoughts.

[Jining City, Shandong Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Illegally Arrested

On July 17, having prepared for an unlawful sting operation by secretly following and tracking the movements of practitioners, the wicked police simultaneously arrested several Falun Dafa practitioners at their homes. Practitioners Gao Cuixiang, Wu Jing, Chen Deai and others were captured and their computers and printers were confiscated. In trying to escape from the evil force, Gao Cuixiang suffered a serious injury, with several wounds requiring stitches. Nevertheless, she was still illegally sent to a labor camp. A total of nine Falun Dafa practitioners from Zoucheng City were arrested and had their properties confiscated. Two Falun Dafa practitioners and their child were forced into becoming destitute and homeless.

[Liuhe County, Jilin Province] County Officials Persecute Dafa Practitioners

The government of Liuhe County has used all kinds of base means to persecute Dafa practitioners. They illegally arrest steadfast Dafa practitioners, force them to write guarantee letters giving up practicing Falun Gong, and extort money, including money for bail of 3000 to 5000 Yuan (half of an average yearly income) from practitioners' families. They have even asked for 200 Yuan for a quilt used during a period when they unlawfully detained practitioners. It has become impossible to distinguish a government official from a criminal. When practitioners refuse to cooperate with these unlawful officers they are sent directly to labor camps. These practitioners and their families suffer deeply under these circumstances.

Reprehensible police officers even go around the County arresting practitioners who wander around homeless, using both physical and psychological means to force them to give up their practice and belief in Falun Dafa. Officials have illegally ransacked homes and penalized practitioners using torture. Once they sent over 30 practitioners to a labor camp, forcing many families to be torn apart.

Recently, once again, police went haywire arresting Dafa practitioners.

List of Liuhe County Government departments who persecute Dafa practitioners:

Liuhe County Politics and Law Committee: 86-448-7221918, 7225825

Liuhe County Party Committee: 86-448-7222012, 86-448-7225803

The Chief Office of Liuhe Police Station: 86-448-7224778, 86-448-7225213,


The Chief Office of Liuhe Procurator: 86-448-7225277

Liuhe Law Court: 86-448-7236698

The Chief Office: 86-448-7222166

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners are Kidnapped

  1. With the help of vicious people from their work unit, practitioners Hu Wenxue and Zhu Fangming, a couple from Hefei City, were detained by the local police. They are being held illegally in the brainwashing class of the Railway No.4 Bureau.
  2. Around 5 PM on August 12, vicious policemen from Wuhu Road Police Substation in Hefei City took practitioner Zeng Xianyu away by force from home.
  3. Around 2 PM on August 12, when practitioner Liu Chunle was working in a store, policemen Huang Feng and Huang Tao of Xishi District Police Station and policeman Liu Sijun from Wuhu Road Police Substation along with several others, raided the store and handcuffed practitioner Liu Chunle. They didn't give any reasons for their actions or let him say a word before detaining him. The policemen ransacked his house and took away his cellular phone, a ring of keys, Falun Gong books and several thousand Yuan in cash.

Wuhu Road Police Substation off-duty phone number: (86) (551) 287-5119

Supervisor's phone: (86) (551) 287-3543

Vicious Policeman Liu Sijun: (86) (551) 261-2168 ext. 1288

[Yantai City, Shandong Province] Rampant Arrest of Falun Gong Practitioners

Patrolling policemen from Yantai Police Station illegally arrested practitioner Zhan Chenggong on June 10, 2001. He is now detained in the Zifu District Detention Center in Yantai City. The policemen of Department 1 of Zifu Police Station saw the injuries on his legs from torture during his last detention, so they beat him even harder this time. To protest the illegal detention and brutality, he has been on a hunger strike for over ten days. Zifu Police Station is still using different excuses to extend his detention term. We ask practitioners to send out your righteous thoughts to eliminate evil when you see this message.

The authorities of Zifu District Yantai City have recently made many rampant arrests of Falun Gong practitioners. They have arrested all the practitioners that they know are practicing Falun Gong at home. They have detained them in Wangchun Forced Labor Camp which is a very wicked and evil place for persecuting practitioners.

[Fuyu County, Jilin Province] A Brief Report of Practitioners Being Persecuted

Jijiatun Yongfa Village in the Dashanjiazi Region of Fuyu County:

Guo Yongchun: detained three times, fined 2000 Yuan (about USD250)

Wang Yanhui: detained once, fined 5000 Yuan, and had a four-wheel tractor robbed from him by the by authorities.

Ju Zhonghai: detained once, sent to serve in forced labor for one year, and has had 3500 Yuan as a fine deducted from his salary.

Wang Yuying: detained two times, fined 1000 Yuan.

Wu Yunchun: detained once, sent to serve forced labor for one year, fined 1500 Yuan.

Zhou Guiying: fined 1000 Yuan

Zhou Shuxia: fined 1000 Yuan

Zhang Yaping: fined 1000 Yuan

Ji Xiuying: fined 3000 Yuan.

West Shanjiazi Village in the Dashanjiazi Region Fuyu County:

Wei Chunyan: detained two times, fined 4000 Yuan.

Caojia Village in the Dashanjiazi Region of Fuyu County:

Wei Chunli: detained once, fined 3000 Yuan.

[Tai'an City, Shandong Province] Police Secretly Arrest a Falun Dafa Practitioner

On June 9, 2001, practitioner Wang Yu (pseudonym) was arrested in Tai'an city. Since then, we haven't had any information about him. We hope that kindhearted people will be aware of this matter.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] More People Are Awakening

One day, my cousin told me that many Falun Dafa flyers were posted in secluded places around Shenyang City. He said those flyers said words against Jiang Zemin. I immediately corrected him by saying that it wasn't only the secluded places that had flyers, but also crowded streets and even government buildings had flyers posted. It was just that in the populated places the police tore them off so that people wouldn't see them. I explained that the flyers are not slandering Jiang Zemin. They only speak out the truth. Two days later, to let him know more and cleanse the poisonous lies, I showed him a program on VCD called "The Truth of the Self-immolation Incident". My cousin felt it was very good and also thought that the analysis in the program was reasonable. He said the truth was nothing like the propaganda .

Actually, after "7.20" (On July 20 1999, the Chinese Government began to persecute Falun Gong), my cousin told me that he knew some people who practiced Falun Gong and that they were all very good and rational people. Upon hearing this, my heart felt very happy for those lives, such as my cousin's, that were being saved.

[Sichuan Province] Lawless Officials of Nanmushi Women's Forced Labor Camp

Director Wang Baojun

General Secretary Wu Guangyuan

Deputy Vice Director Pan Jianjun

Supervisor Deng Zhenhua

Office Director Chen Wenqiu

Team 7 is the most vicious team: phone number (86) (832) 521-2095