(Clearwisdom.net) At noon last Saturday, August 18, a press conference that took place in front of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco marked the beginning of a 12 day-and-night sit-in protest. From that moment on, practitioners would complete the continuous protest by each doing the sitting meditation for one hour, totaling 265 hours.

By sitting in protest, we want to express our admiration for the 265 fellow practitioners who have been tortured to death. We also want to tell people about their suffering from persecution up to the moment of death, all for their perseverance in cultivating Dafa. Every hour, we will tell the story of a deceased fellow practitioner and show his or her picture. During these 12 days, practitioners in the Bay area will also call for urgent help for practitioners in China who are still in police custody and whose lives are in grave danger. We will also appeal for the release of Teng Chunyan.

There will also be a car parade and exercise demonstration on Saturday [August 18, 2001].

By launching all of these activities, we want to let the malicious persecutors in China know that what they are doing cannot be covered up. The truth will eventually manifest in front of everyone's eyes. People will know that our determination in practicing Falun Dafa is unalterable like diamond! Although many fellow practitioners have been tortured to death, we will make the memory of their great spirits endure by tirelessly, peacefully and rationally resisting this evil persecution.

During this activity, each practitioner will become familiar with the story of at least one departed fellow practitioner. At the same time, we will strive forward in gathering more kind-hearted people that will support freedom of belief and human rights for Falun Gong, and oppose the vicious persecution.