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Latest News from China - 07/16/2001

July 22, 2001 |  


[Beijing] Slandering Dafa is the Most Atrocious and Unforgivable Crime. Let's Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate the Evil

According to the news published in the "Beijing Evening Daily," Starting from July 15, 2001, the vicious forces will hold an "exhibition" in Beijing's Military Museum to slander Dafa and deceive and harm people. Sima Nan and He Zuoxiu, two "scientists" with no scientific research achievements to their credit, were present. Those two have gained their reputation only through political struggle. They vilified Dafa to visitors in the exhibition hall. Liu Yunshan from the Central Government Propaganda Department also gave a speech to support the vicious forces.

Upon reading this article we hope that all Dafa practitioners around the world will send forth the purest, most righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil responsible for holding this exhibition.

[Beijing] Many Dafa Practitioners From out of Town are Illegally and Secretly Detained in Beijing's Daxing County Xin'an Labor Camp

Beijing Daxing County Xin'an Labor Camp is the place for secretly detaining Dafa practitioners from other places. As far as we know, practitioners from Wuhan City, Meihekou City and Changchun City are detained there. The officials in the labor camp secretly sentenced the practitioners to one-and-a-half years of forced labor, without any due process of law. Not until the camp authorities recently ordered practitioners' families to send money were the practitioners allowed to contact outsiders. Additionally, the amount of money the law-breaking authorities demand has been increased.

[Hebei Province] Lawless Officials in Pingshan County Secretly Set up Jail in an Old Army Facility and Forcibly Brainwash Practitioners

Lawless officials in Pingshan County of Hebei Province persecuted Dafa practitioners round after round, in the name of a brainwashing class. They converted the Chinese People Liberation Army No.51006 Unit into a secret jail. On May 28, 2001, with forcible police assistance, they abducted and detained over 20 practitioners from their personal farmlands, homes, and work units and brought them to the barracks of the army unit, where they compelled the practitioners to attend the illegal brainwashing class that had been secretly set up by the Pingshan County Committee. Practitioners refused to write the "guarantee statements"(to guarantee, among other things, that they would not go to Beijing for appeals, not associate with other practitioners and give up practicing Falun Dafa). Instead, they went on a hunger strike to protest the vicious persecution. However, these lawless officials still did not release the Dafa practitioners. They threatened that, if practitioners refused to write the "guarantee statements," they would be expelled from their jobs, laid off, and sent to the Pingshan Detention Center.

Because he refused to cooperate with the police, male practitioner Feng Sihai, from Dawu Village, 40 years old, was brutally beaten. The mobsters beat him with police batons and iron sticks. Mr. Fen's body was so badly bruised that he could not even walk. Eventually he was beaten into coma. He was spared from death only after receiving emergency medical treatment.

Female practitioner Xu Huaping was illegally detained for four months for clarifying the truth and distributing truth-clarifying materials to the public. Later she was forced to attend the brainwashing class.

Male practitioner An Jianyong, 48 years old, is the director of Pingshan's Touring Bureau. He did not cooperate with the vicious forces, nor did he give up his belief in the cosmic truth and the right to defend justice. He did not write the "guarantee statement" and was therefore illegally expelled by his work unit.

Mi Xinqin (female), Xu Liangming (male), Liu Erzeng (male), Liu Haiqing (male) did not write the "guarantee statements" and were forcibly sent to the Pingshan County Detention Center for illegal incarceration.

Male practitioner Li Shouwo, 70 years old, is a retired teacher and a former member of the County Political Consulting Committee. His salary was suspended and he was forced to attend the brainwashing class. His family members, his wife Zheng Linqiao, 65 years old, and his son Li Jijun were detained in No.51006 Unit for brainwashing. Li Shouwo himself was sent to a detention center.

Several couples or family members were detained in the brainwashing class together, such as Zhang Yintong and You Jianru; Feng Xinyan and Wang Yunduo; Feng Ronghai and Feng Zhenghai, Li Yuanhai and Bai Fenghai; Ma Ju and Gao Shunxin.

Some Dafa practitioners went bankrupt after being unlawfully "fined" a great amount of money; their farmlands, now untended, were laid waste and full of wild grasses. This turn of events deeply hurt these good people, both mentally and physically. Their harmonious families were broken up. The elders and young children cried everyday. It is too heart-breaking to witness this tragedy.

In order to resist the persecution, some practitioners who were not yet detained left their homes and stepped forward to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to more people. However, the vicious forces even made false countercharges by proclaiming that the Dafa practitioners stigmatized their families and work by not taking care of them.

Here we call on people from all walks of life, who have a sense of justice, to give Dafa practitioners your support, condemn Jiang Zemin's deeds and urge the government to release all innocent Dafa practitioners.

[Xinji City, Hebei Province] Police from Shangyecheng Station Continue their Crime Spree: They Detain an Innocent Villager for 15 Days for Renting a House to Dafa Practitioners

At 7:30pm on June 15, 2001, the head of the Shangyecheng Police Station, Sun Zhanzhou, together with his assistant Feng Zhanzhao and their retinue, arrested Dafa practitioners Chen Xijian (male, 39 year old), and Geng Shun (from Zhangjiaying Village, Tiangongying County). An hour later that same day, at 8:30pm, they unlawfully searched Geng Shun's house.

At midnight 12:30pm, the police arrested Chen Xijian's wife and Geng Shun's wife. Chen Zhi, a non Falun Dafa-practicing resident from Dashizhuang Village was illegally detained for 15 days because he rented a house to the Chen Xijian couple.

About 4pm on June 17, the head of the "610 Office," Geng Zhanfeng, and policemen Jia Lichao and Liu Guangxu arrested Dafa practitioner Fu Zengqi (male, 57 years old; a retired worker of the Tobacco Purchase Company) and his daughter Fu Dongxiao (an accountant of the Tobacco Purchase Company). Without a warrant, they confiscated and removed their printer, typewriter, CD copier, and other personal belongings.

About midnight on June 17,2001, Geng Zhanfeng, Jia Lichao and other lawless policemen arrested Wang Genhuai and his 51 year-old wife, Zhang Xiumin.

[Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Revealing the Persecution Crimes Against Dafa Practitioners at the Police Station and the Detention Center in Shuangcheng City

It has been disclosed by an insider that more than 50 Dafa practitioners are still being illegally detained in the Shuangcheng Detention Center even after their detention terms had expired. Some of the practitioners were illegally arrested from their homes in 2000. They have already been detained for over five months.

On May 16, 2001, more than 30 Dafa practitioners from the Handian Town of Shuangcheng City were arrested without due process of law. An older man, Liu Zhian from the Department of Criminal Investigation, cursed Dafa when he interrogated a practitioner. The practitioner asked him to stop and told him the truth about Falun Dafa. Instead of listening to the practitioner, he slapped her face five times and said, "You don't need to save me. I want to go to the hell. I will take my chances and see if I will receive just retribution in my lifetime."

On May 19, this same Liu Zhian interrogated another Dafa practitioner. He beat and kicked this practitioner as soon as he entered the room, and with the aid of another young man pushed a 50 year-old practitioner down to the ground and ordered her to kneel down. She did not cooperate with them and tried to stand up. They pushed her down again four more times. Liu Zhian also cursed, "Doesn't Falun Gong talk about retribution? I feel like exterminating all of you sooner or later. I never care about what you say. I will see if anything is going to happen to me. Do you know how Zhou Zhichang died? Other criminals beat him to death in jail." He continued cursing Dafa and Master Li when he interrogated yet another practitioner. This practitioner also clarified the truth to him, but he still refused to listen and, while beating the practitioner, yanked that person's hair. Another young police officer also joined him in the beating. The two policemen threatened and intimidated the practitioner, saying: "Do you know how Zhou Zhichang died? It was the XX Party that killed him."

Simply because a practitioner did not divulge his name and address, the thugs beat him so badly on the head that he suffered a broken eardrum. He had to support his jaw with his hand and was unable to eat. Another practitioner was slapped on the face because he did not sign his name on a document. A male practitioner was beaten so hard that he could not stand up or walk because his knees were terribly swollen. But the lawbreaking police forced him to lie and tell others that he hurt himself in a fall.

Realizing the injustice of extended detention, jailed practitioners asked for their release. Instead of complying with the practitioners' request, the person in charge, Cui Guowen, and guard Li Huaixin beat the practitioners with leather whips and heavy boots. In addition, Li Huaixin also beat the practitioners with a one meter-long wooden rod (about three feet long) and forcibly locked them up. The practitioners' bodies were covered with bruises and their heads swelled from the beatings; their meals consisted only of mildewed sorghum. Conditions eventually improved after all of the practitioners refused to accept or eat the bad food, which was unfit for human consumption.

Practitioners who are still being detained after their detention terms have expired are: Chen Junbo, Meng Zhaohua, Yan Chunhua, Wan Yunfeng, Wang Qingyun, Cao Chunmei, Han Yuling, Yang Xiufen, Gu Enfang, Sun Yafei, Zhao Dongyan, Li Peng, Yan Dekun, Ge Shufang, Liu Qingjiu, Guo Qingzhu, Su Zhenhe, Zhao Huijie, and Zhao Dongxia. We do not know the names of over 30 more practitioners who were illegally arrested from Handian Town. Right now is the busy farming season. They all need to go back and work in the fields. It has been more than 20 days since they were illegally arrested, and they have not yet been released.

[Cangzhou City, Hebei Province] Cangzhou City Police Recently Illegally Arrested Over 30 Dafa Practitioners

Xu Kai, male; resident of Pangjiahe Village, Dongguan Town of Cang County. On July 9, 2001, police illegally took him away and searched his home.

Yang Mei, female; an employee of the Credit Corporation of Xiaowang Village, Cangzhou City. She was arrested a few days ago and is now illegally held at No.2 Detention Center.

Wang Zhong, male, was illegally arrested for distributing Dafa Truth-clarifying compact discs to the director of Yunhe Police Station.

In addition, over 30 female Dafa practitioners, including Meng and Yu, are being held at the No.2 Detention Center.

[Xinji City, Hebei Province] Excruciating Torture Cannot Change the Determined Mind of Female Dafa Practitioner Zhang Qing

A few days ago, some practitioner posted the slogan "Eradicate the Evil" on the front gate of the local police department. This greatly irritated police department director Wang Juli. He shouted, "How dare they post it on the front gate of the police department! Someday they will post it on the doors of my office!" Wang Juli ordered the "610" office [an office specializing in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners; 6.10 refers to June 10th, 1999, when this office was set up] of the police department to investigate the matter in detail. Under the leadership of municipal committee directors Shen Zhanqun and Wang Juli, the vicious forces in Xinji City are running rampant again. The policemen adopted additional illegal means, such as hiring hooligans and rewarding people who report practitioners to the police. We heard that those who report a practitioner posting flyers will be rewarded with 500 Yuan. Driven by money, some deceived people have done bad deeds. From time to time, practitioners were reported and caught. The detention center guards tortured practitioners with excruciating methods in order to force them to reveal other practitioners' names. A few practitioners failed to maintain their xinxing [mind or heart nature] and did something that Dafa disciples absolutely should not do. There were also practitioners who firmly suffocated the evil and refused to speak one word to the vicious policemen. Female Dafa practitioner Zhang Qing was beaten so hard that even her handcuffs were broken. A policeman said, "(Zhang Qing) is more difficult to tackle than criminals!"

Before they are eradicated, the evil forces are still struggling. We advise Dafa practitioners: please remain sober-minded; do not be manipulated by human thoughts. We have heard that the criminal departments, including the police and the"610"office, will receive more "activity" funds and additional manpower.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Shijiazhuang Dongfang's Heat Energy Company Escalates the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners and Married Couple Chen Ping and Liu Kunjian

Dafa practitioners Chen Ping and Liu Kunjian were both employees of the Heat Energy Company in Dongfang, Shijiazhuang. On Dec. 18, 1999, the couple was unlawfully put on suspension for one year and fired for insisting on cultivating "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." After the term was expired, the company extended it for one more year, to Nov. 18, 2001. During the entire period, the couple was and still is only given the minimum living allowance. They also need to support their child and are living under very poor circumstances now. Liu Kunjian had to report their situation to the company headquarters and asked for a reasonable solution. When he realized that Liu Kunjian was going to report the mistreatment to the upper level authorities, Li Xiangyang, the engineering department's director, made up some excuses, such as Liu Kunjian was "absent from work," to cover up the company's actions. He convened a staff representative conference to "discuss" firing Liu Kunjian and reported the decision to the company headquarters.

This is just one example of how the tens of thousands of ordinary Dafa practitioners and their families are being persecuted in China. "Good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil" is an eternal rule of the universe. If bad people who persecute Dafa still do not repent and make amends, they are doomed to meet with retribution. For the future of all sentient beings and yourself, we appeal to all kindhearted people in the world to balance the scales, abide by the truth of the universe and maintain justice in the human world.