June 10, 2001

[Minghui Net] Recently, many cases of retribution on those vicious policemen who have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners have been reported frequently on the Internet. Actually, the retribution of compassion and viciousness is the unchangeable rule of heaven. Regardless of whether you are a high-ranking official or just a civilian, what you have done cannot escape the eyes of high-level beings. This article will expose the vicious behaviors and retributions of those shameless scholars who persecute Falun Dafa in the intelligentsia.

Under the tyranny of Jiang Zemin, who is appraised as "scoundrel of human rights" by Amnesty International, some intellectuals betrayed their personal consciousness and became accomplices of the "scoundrel of human rights." What is waiting for them in the end is their fair retribution.

Zha Ruichuang is a professor of the Chinese People University Population institution. He was a former teacher at Qinghua University. In the beginning of 1996, Zha, along with Zhao Jing, a professor of Beijing University, both used their status as representatives of People's Congress to propose at the national CPPCC and Beijing City People's Congress. They requested the central government and Beijing City "to suppress Falun Gong Organization firmly" and ban Dafa activities. From here, it can be proven that the persecution upon Falun Dafa has been arranged by the vicious power far before 1999. In just a very few years, because of his involvement of the persecution of Falun Dafa, Zha Ruichuang has been lingering on in a worsening condition in a hospice in suburban Beijing.

Fu Zhongmin is a research fellow and director of an air force research institution, and his wife, Yu Manyuan, is a retiree of the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department. Since 1994, these two people started sabotaging Falun Dafa. They spread groundless and vicious lies everywhere. Their niece and nephew all practice Falun Dafa. These relatives' images were distorted in all kinds of lies. At the same time, they sent materials, which slanders Falun Dafa, to media. They made these sinister materials by pretending to be Dafa practitioners and went to local practice site to gain access to our Teacher's lectures. They falsely claimed the articles published by our Falun Gong Founder were called "Organization Documents of Falun Gong." They sent letters to the National Publishing Agency, submitted sinister materials and presented lies to the National Publishing Agency to issue the ban on publishing Master Li's books.

On June 17, 1996, the Guangming Daily published an article called "Alarm Shall Be Whistled Against Pseudoscience" written by Xinping; it had created rumors, slandered and misquoted the teachings just to attack Master Li and Dafa. This article was written based on the letters these two and their elder brother Yu Zuyao, professor of China People University, sent to Guangming Daily in April of 1996. During the Cultural Revolution, Yu Zuyao was nicknamed "Yu Zaoyao" ("Zaoyao" means "to spreads rumors"). On May 8, 1996, those three gave this letter to a then leader named Jia Chunzeng, a person of the Socialism Institution. On June 17, this article was published. Yu Zuyao was wild with joy.

In July and August of 1996, Fu Zhongmin wrote another article titled "Falun Gong Activities Need to Be Monitored" (under the name of "Qiuyu"). It suggested doing the following: 1. Publicly criticize the superstitious activities of Falun Gong on radios, TV and newspapers; consolidate and punish those publishing houses that published audio and video materials and books such as Zhuan Falun.

2. Ban Falun Gong practice in government agencies, scientific institutes, schools, mass organizations and militaries.

3. Discipline Party members who practice Falun Gong according to their individual situation.

On September 16 1996, three of them sent this article directly to the editor department of Internal Reference, asking it to be sent to the Party leaders.

When Fu Zhongmin and Yu Manyun visited the US, they wrote many articles attacking Master Li, Falun Dafa and practitioners and spread them on the Internet, causing a huge negative impact.

Right now, Fu Zhongmin has the symptoms of "Brain Softening." Yu Manyun has big lumps from varicosity all over her legs and her condition is very frightening.

On July 23 1999, Yu Zuyao slandered Dafa by claiming that his son Yu Chao abandoned him and didn't strive to make progress after practicing Falun Gong. But the fact was just the opposite. According to our investigation, Yu Chao became a good young man who was responsible for himself and society after he practiced Dafa. While Yu Zuyao was making the TV show slandering Dafa, his own son was being beaten by police in Shijingshan Stadium.

Yu Zuyao's daughter, Yu Jia, and her son, Yu Chao, are both firm Dafa practitioners. Yu Jia was a lecturer in the School of Business Administration of Qinghua University. She was arrested last November and illegally received a 42-month sentence. Her son Yu Chao was sent to a labor camp illegally and his whereabouts are still unknown. Yu Zuyao is now alone at home, old and without anyone taking care of her. Those vicious people and police who originally used her to organize the materials against Falun Gong no longer show up. I hope Yu Zuyao has started to regret her previous actions against Dafa.

Zhang Wenjun, Party Secretary in the Micro-Electronics Research Institute of Qinghua University. After April 25, 1999, following the so-called "Scoundrel of Human Rights" Jiang Zemin's arrangement, he broadcasted the rumor saying Falun Gong practitioners were going to commit suicide in Xiangshan. He called those Dafa practitioners in his unit and told them the vicious rumor as if it was true. He also threatened practitioners not to spread the Fa. Within a week, Zhang Wenjun fell down and broke his arm. He had to wear a plaster bandage and hasn't been able to fully recover after being hospitalized. Even today he still cannot fully stretch his arm.

Currently there are still some vicious people in every university and college. Despite their miserable ending, they are still doing vicious deeds before their distinction. Those people have committed flagrant crimes including:

Zhang Zeixing, deputy Secretary of the Party committee in Qinghua University, is the major person in charge of Falun Gong issue in Qinghua University.

Zhao Wei, the head of Qinghua University Graduate School Ideological Education Office, who is in charge of graduates' ideological education work, is the direct arch-criminal of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners among many graduates.

Wang Dongsheng, Department of Precision Instrument, a college graduate fostered during the Cultural Revolution, participates in the brainwashing work.

Jin Dongming, secretary of the Party committee of Micro Electronics Research Institution, spares no efforts in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners of this institution.

Wang Zhanwen, secretary of the Party committee of Chemical Engineering Department. Two Dafa practitioners of this department have been illegally re-educated through labor camp.

Li Zhenyu, the person in charge of student organization of Chemical Engineering Department, treats Falun Gong practitioners of this department extremely bad. Before Jiang Zemin started persecuting Falun Gong, he has viciously requested the school to "eliminate Falun Gong completely" several times.

We earnestly admonish the above shameless scholars and those who haven't been mentioned by name. "Retribution by Vicious Behaviors" is the rule of heaven; it has never been out of existence because of human ignorance and denial. The crimes of persecuting Dafa cannot be remitted. If you don't stop the persecution immediately and make amends for your faults, it will be too late when retribution comes!