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58 Year Old Dafa Practitioner Wang Huaiying Beaten to Death in Shandong Province

May 09, 2001 |   A Dafa practitioner in China

[Minghui Net] Wang Huaiying, male, 58 years old, was an employee of the Instruments Factory in Heze City, Shandong Province. His home is in Wangtang Village, under the administration of Beicheng Liaison Office, Mudan District, Heze City in Shangdong Province. Before the Chinese New Year in 2001 [starting from January 24], Wang Huaiying went to Beijing to validate Dafa. He was arrested by police from Nanyang City, Henan Province and sent to a investigation station located on Yong'an Road in Nanyang City. Later, the police beat him to death.

On January 30, 2001, the police performed an autopsy on Wang's body. When his family members arrived later in Nanyang City and asked to see his body, they learned that his body had already been cremated. The Nanyang Police even insisted Wang's family members pay over 4,000 Yuan for the autopsy. Wang's family refused to pay.

The autopsy photos clearly show the many scars and bruises on his wrists, ribs, back and thighs. Two other pictures of Wang show him with his eyes closed, head drooping and his jaw being supported by someone. It seemed that these photos were taken after he died. Wang's family asked for the autopsy photos, but the police said no. When Wang's family members went to pick up his ashes, the crematorium at first refused to issue the "cremation certificate," saying that they did not know the name of the deceased. Later on they changed their mind, but only after one police officer directed them, "Just issue the certificate before we get into trouble."

Facing the inquiry of Wang's family, the Nanyang police responded vaguely. They kept insisting that Wang Huaiying died from coronary heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis and myocarditis [irregular heartbeat]. But according to his family, when he left home, Wang Huaiying was in good health and never had coronary heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, or myocarditis before.

A Dafa practitioner in China