If a sheep in the wolf pack says that the wolves are good -- that they not only never eat sheep, but also take care of sheep like their family -- will you believe it?

Forging facts and fooling media are something that the political villains of the Chinese XX Party are really good at.

On the evening of June 3rd, 1989, an astonishing massacre occurred in Beijing. The People's Liberation Army fired at unarmed students and citizens on Tiananmen Square. In the early morning of June 4th, we listened to our radios thinking, "The army did open fire and kill people. Let's wait and see how the government will inform the world about the killing." At 5:30 am, the headline news said that there was a counterrevolutionary riot in Beijing the previous night. The news shocked and infuriated the citizens of Beijing who knew the truth. After that, the Party, with vicious political tactics, used their tight control of the media to cook up stories in order to cover the truth. Until now, the truth of the "June 4th Incident" remains unknown in Mainland China.

In the past 50 years, there were many political movements in Mainland China. Which one of them was not a disaster? In which one of them were no innocent people killed? After which one of them did people not repent and regret?

Today, there is an on-going political movement aimed at Falun Gong practitioners in China. There is only one voice allowed across the country and different organizations and schools are forced to hold a "million-signature" petition. The one-sided propaganda seems to have brought back the Cultural Revolution, which not only affects China but also has extended overseas. If you have not experienced any kind of movements nor the brainwashing by the media in China, please read up on the various political movements in China and you will have a better sense of how they take place.

People need to reverse the propaganda from the media in China in order to learn the truth. If the media said that there was not even one shot fired on Tiananmen Square during the "June 4th" incident, then the truth is many shots were fired; if it is said that no one was killed, then the truth is that many people were killed; if the media reports said that this is the best period of human rights in China, then it indicates the status of human rights in China is in an awful state; if the media reports that the prisoners said the guards never curse or beat prisoners and the guards are even closer than their families, then it means the prisons have become extremely wicked.

Now, Jiang Zemin has developed this skill of deception to the point of "making the West serve China." The notorious Masanjia Labor Reeducation Camp was given a brand new look. Several Western reporters were invited to the staged tour. Su Jing, who heads the women's section, took out a notebook, on which there were pages and pages of statements such as "no handcuffs," "no electric baton," "no beatings," "no male cells," even "grateful for the reeducation camp and government"--all of which sounded really good.

Tortures in jails run by the political gangsters of the XX Party not only are quotidian, but also have reached the extreme. Do you still remember Zhang Zhixin? She represents the numerous people who were killed during the Cultural Revolution. Because of her beauty, she was repeatedly raped in jail. Before she was executed, the authorities of the jail, fearing that she would reveal what had happened, cut her throat. Moreover, the widely reported tortures suffered by the Canadian artist Prof. Zhang Kunlun and Australian artist Ms. Zhang Cuiying in Chinese jails both serve as excellent examples.

If China cares about the fairness of the press and professional morality, I'd like to ask a few questions:

(1) Do they dare to remove the network blockage and let the people read the review articles on Falun Gong written by foreign media?

(2) Do they dare to free Chen Zixiu's daughter, Mr. Zhao Ming, and Ms. Teng Chunyan, and allow them to be interviewed in detail?

(3) Do they dare to publish in China interviews with Zhang Kunlun outside of China?

(4) Do they dare to free Falun Gong practitioners currently jailed in the Masanjia Labor Reeducation Camp, and let them speak about the true situations without being threatened?

(5) Do they dare to publish original works of Falun Gong, and let the Chinese people make their own judgments?

Lies Are Always Lies and They Can't Bury the Truth