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The Murder of Li Yingxiu, Mother of Dafa Practitioner Peng Min Who Died From Torture

May 18, 2001 |   Practitioners from China

Li Yingxiu, female, mother of Dafa practitioner Peng Min, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

[Minghui Net] Several days ago, shortly after the death of Dafa practitioner Peng Min, his mother, Li Yingxiu died tragically in the No. 7 Hospital. Her husband Peng, detained in the Hewan Labor Camp, was allowed to go in handcuffs to the No. 7 Hospital to view her remains. Upon seeing the bloodstains on her head, Peng, who was in grief and indignation, questioned the police and medical personnel as to the cause of Li Yingxiu's death. The doctor said her death was caused by a brain hemorrhage and the bloodstains were left due to the brain being punctured during the autopsy. However, Peng didn't believe their explanation, since he knew that Li Yingxiu, prior to her death, did not show any symptoms related to a brain hemorrhage. Upon Peng's insistent questioning, one policeman admitted inadvertently that Li Yingxiu died, because she talked too much after the death of Peng Min, her son.

After the death of Peng Min, his mother, Li Yingxiu, and his brother, Peng Liang, were secretly sent to the Hongxia "Reform" Class in the Qingling area of Wuchang City, [Hubei Province] to be re-educated. I personally talked to them less than one month ago and did not notice any unusual symptoms that may have caused the mother's death. How, within one month's time, can a healthy life turn out to be a corpse lying in the morgue, with bloodstains and countless scars showing all over her body? We learned that Peng Min's brother, Peng Liang, is also in bad condition. He is still detained and has been tortured so severely that his body was covered with running sores and wounds. Before her death, Li Yingxiu was an ordinary Dafa practitioner. She had never said anything heroic. When Dafa was smeared and slandered in 1999, she took all the money they had saved for building their house to go to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa. However, she was robbed of most of her money by the local police, and their house was left unfinished. Though now poor and financially struggling herself, she still spent all her money helping homeless Dafa practitioners. Her family was living on the income from a bicycle repair shop. Once we saw her trying to change a tire for a big tricycle by herself, which was quite a labor-intensive job. We helped her change the tire. She did not keep the three Yuan the tricycle owner paid her. Instead, she bought a bunch of bananas and shared them with us. When her son Peng Min was paralyzed due to torture he received from the police, she did not accept any donations from other Dafa practitioners, even though she needed a lot of money for her son's medical and nutritional expenses. When it was really hard to refuse the donations she immediately gave the money to the practitioners in prison, saying they suffered more hardships and needed money more than she did. We can see her good virtues through all these things she experienced. Such a kind-hearted person, a loving mother, who was suffering the great pain of losing her beloved son, to an act of murder at the brutal hands of the debased police.

While Dafa practitioners all over the world were celebrating World Falun Dafa Day, the practitioners in Mainland China are still suffering the most inhuman and most brutal persecution in history. We sincerely hope all kind-hearted people around the world will help us to stop the killings of Dafa practitioners; vicious, senseless acts committed at the direction of Jiang Zeming and his accomplices.

Responsible parties:

Unit One, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau

Unit One, Wuhan City Wuchang Public Security Sub-Bureau

Wuchang District "610" Office

Liangdao Street Local Police Station of Wuchang District

Hongxia Reform Class of Wuchang District

We sincerely hope the kind-hearted people who may know the details of this murder to provide us with any further information.

Practitioners from China