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News from China - 2/18/2001

Feb. 25, 2001

[Xinjiang Autonomous Region] Practitioners Are Persecuted to Death

In the middle of January 2001, a TV station in Xinjiang Autonomous Region reported that Mr. Wei Fan and three other practitioners were sentenced to a jail terms for refusing to be "reformed". The TV also reported that a practitioner with the last name of Zhu jumped out of a moving train and died while being escorted by the police. It is unclear what really happened on the train.

Another practitioner in Yili Region of Xinjiang was persecuted to death for refusing to forsake Falun Dafa. (Details unknown.)

[Nanyang City, Shandong Province] A Practitioner is Tortured to Death

A reliable source reports that a practitioner from Shandong Province was beaten to death by the Police Department of Nanyang City. The practitioner was on his way to Beijing during the Spring Festival, and was arrested and taken back to the detention facility at Yong'an Road Precinct. The beating started when the practitioner refused to give his name and address. Later, the police secretly shipped the body for cremation. Yet another life taken by Jiang Zemin and his followers. We hope all the kind people show their concern and support Falun Dafa practitioners.

[Changsha City, Hunan Province] Pregnant Female Practitioner Has Been Missing

A female practitioner has been missing from Changsha City, Hunan Province since early February this year. It is believed that she is being tortured by the police authorities. It is also believed that the practitioner is pregnant. We are watching this case closely and we ask all the kind people to voice their concern and condemn the flagrant violation of human rights of a woman during pregnancy.

[Beijing] Brutal Tortures in Tuanhe Labor Camp

According to the people from the Tuanhe Labor Camp, the camp guards insert chopsticks into the nostrils of the practitioners, and then push them from behind suddenly. This torture method demonstrates how brutal the guards are at Tuanhe.

[Urumuqi City, Xinjiang Province] Government Authority Rumors Self-Immolation

A few days ago, the police department for the Urumuqi Railroad released rumors that Falun Gong practitioners were setting themselves on fire in the No. 5 Middle School. A group of police officers were dispatched to the school, and there were no practitioners there at all. Their attempt failed this time.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Wanjia Labor Camp Brutally Tortures Practitioners

Wanjia Labor Camp at Harbin City deployed armed military police to beat up the practitioners. The police aim at beating them to death if they refuse to be "reformed" because they have been told that the practitioners' deaths will be reported as a suicide. They repeatedly mount the practitioners on the "tiger bench." [Note: Practitioners are tied to the bench at the area above the knees and bricks are inserted between the bench and the lower legs, causing severe pain.] Several practitioners lost consciousness over and over and their lives are in jeopardy.

The practitioners in Helongjiang Province have made strong demands to the provincial government to persecute the guards and other officials in the Wanjia Labor Camp for their vicious deeds.

[Urumuqi City, Xinjiang Autonomous Region] Persecution of Practitioners in Xinjiang Autonomous Region

Jia Guilan, a practitioner from Urumuqi, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, is a 62 year old retired medical doctor from the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was arrested on her way to Beijing, and the police took her back to Urumuqi and detained her for 15 days. She was again arrested and detained by Urumuqi County police in November 2000 for disseminating materials telling the truth about Falun Dafa. Her family paid the bail bond, and she was released home. The police and her superior at the hospital threatened her that if she went out to do it again they would suspend her pension, and also sentence her. However, the hospital suspended her pension anyway in December 2000, and also suspended the annual bonus to her first son, Li Feng, who also works at the hospital. (Li Feng is not a practitioner.) On February 6, 2001, The County Police Department took her into the bureau to discuss things. However, the bureau illegally sentenced her for two years in labor camp, and sent her to the Urabo Labor Camp. It is said that secret sentencing of practitioners who refuse to renounce their cultivation is part of a directive by Jiang Zemin made since the Spring Festival. We would like to remind practitioners of the government's tactics and ask them to be alert with a righteous mind all the time.

Shi Zhineng and Huang Yuezhang, two female practitioners about 50 years old from the Urumuqi Kaziwan Cement Works, remain missing after being taken away by police on February 10, 2001.

[Beijing] The Impact of Jiang Zemin's Lies Become Weaker and Weaker

Last night, the Chinese Central TV Station (CCTV) broadcast a story about the self-immolation of someone alleged to be a Falun Dafa practitioner. The rumor that the victim was a Falun Dafa practitioner was not supported by any seemingly credible evidence. There was a corpse, an ID, a train ticket and a so-called suicide note.

The books on the prohibition of committing suicide by Falun Dafa practitioners were published years ago. The lies told by CCTV about the self-immolations prove nothing other than the existence of a turbulent social order in China.

[Beijing] Expose the Police Brutality at Qianmen Police Station

Between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning of January 17, I opened up a banner in Tiananmen Square, and a policeman about 5ཆ" (Police ID# 000190) grabbed me and shouted at me, "What are you shouting about? No one can hear you. You will have something to shout about when I put you in the police van." At the time, I was holding the banner and shouting, "Falun Dafa is Good!" and "Restore my Master's Reputation." The police pushed me into the back seat of the van and started beating me. He slapped my face until he was tired. Then, he took off the hood of my jacket and slapped me with it. Then, he continued slapping me with a sketchbook with a hardcover that belonged to a female practitioner who was practicing sketching at the Square. My nose was bleeding, and my face was beginning to swell. Then, he held the back of the seat and kicked me at my chest with all his strength. I immediately felt pain in my chest and I was unable to breathe for a while. The police later took a ballpoint pen and drew two circles on my cheeks, and then drew an "X" inside each circle. Another police with an ID# of 000193 took over and started slapping me. The entire brutality took more than ten minutes. The police stopped hitting me when another practitioner was pushed into the van. It was a skinny, male practitioner and Police Officer #000190 slapped him a dozen times and kicked him several times in the chest. The practitioner could hardly breathe from the beating.

They later arrested another female practitioner who said to them: "We are all good people and beating us up is not good for you." Several police swarmed in and together, they beat her. Two policemen held her arms, forcing her onto the seat face down. Another police used his elbow to hit her back over and over.

[China] Be Alert to the Revision of Dafa Books

It is reported that a so-called former Falun Dafa practitioner showed his true colors after coming back from the Masanjia Detention Center. He was ordered by Jiang Zemin's followers to rewrite Falun Dafa books and print them out. The books are used to "reform" the practitioners. Therefore, all the practitioners should be on guard for the revised books and not be deceived by them.

We also would like to warn those who are helping Jiang Zemin reform and confuse practitioners that what they do is terribly wrong and they cannot succeed.

[Beijing] A Pupil Who Knows Good from Bad

Pupils are required to sign a written statement on where they stand on the issue of Falun Gong at an elementary school in Beijing. Those who refuse to sign will not be allowed to go home. A monitor of the class took a pupil to the teacher claiming that the pupil refused to sign the statement. The pupil said, "Chairman Mao taught us to seek the truth, and not to tell lies. I believe that there is nothing wrong with Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, so I will not sign it even if you kill me." The teacher smiled and said to the pupil, "You can go home."

[China] "Don't Follow Jiang Zemin into the Final Madness"

At a meeting of a large industrial corporation, the corporate officials were reading the Communist Party Document -- "On Issues Concerning Falun Gong". One official saw several people in the audience talking about something. One member of the audience said, "I read the Minghui site last night." The other said, "I felt ashamed of the communist party that they could make up such a big lie against Falun Gong." The official told them, "Don't talk while I am speaking." One person replied, "Wake up, boss. How many more days can Jiang Zemin live. The old man has a weird disease now. Heaven is not showing him mercy, and you should not follow him into his Final Madness." The official was surprised at the remarks and speechless.

[Zhenzhou City, Henan Province] Partial List of the Practitioners Sent to Labor Camps

He Guozhong, male, 55, 1.5 years in labor camp;

Yang, Jingguang, male, 39, 1 year in labor camp for going to Beijing on the New Years Day;

Zhu Yong, male, 24, 2 years in labor camp;

Cao Zeng, male, 22, sentenced to a term in labor camp for going to Beijing around New Years Day;

Zhu Huai, male, 35, sentenced to a term in labor camp for going to Beijing on December 31, 2000;

Bao Hongtao, male, 25, sentenced to a term in labor camp for going to Beijing in June, 2000, and again to Beijing on New Years Day;

He, Sanpu, male, currently in labor camp;

Guo Jing, female, 30, sentenced to a term in labor camp for going to Beijing around New Years Day;

Ma Xijun, female, 56, 2 years in labor camp; arrested during the Spring Festival this year;

Ge Ling, female, about 40, sentenced to a term in labor camp for going to Beijing on New Years Day;

Jiao Sucai, female, 40, her home ransacked on December 26, 2000, and she taken to the 8th Division (Zhengzhou No.1 Detention Center), conducted hunger strike for 13 days, now 1.5 years in labor camp;

Wang Yuqin, female, 57, 1 year in labor camp;

Zhu Meihua, female, 48, 2 years in labor camp after arrest during the Spring Festival;

Han Zhilian, female, 50, in labor camp now;

Wei Guirong, female, 52, 2 years in labor camp for going to Beijing in June 2000;

Zhou Jianfeng, female, 33, 1.5 years in labor camp for going to Beijing on New Years Day, and for going to Beijing in June 2000, detained at Hanghai Road Precinct for over two months, and was arrested again for putting on Dafa materials and detained at Qiliyan. Later released after family paid over 20,000.00;

Guo Laner, female, over 30, now in labor camp

Gao Quanying, female, 50, 2 years in labor camp;

Chen Yongzhu, female, about 50, 1 year in labor camp;

Guo Shuxin, male, 51, 2 years in labor camp;

Song Xu, male, 28, detained in 2000 at the 8th Division of police bureau at Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City (Zhengzhou No. 1 Detention Center); released after 15 days of hunger strike. He was sent to the labor camp straight from detention on February 4. Now he is on the 14th day of hunger and water strike, and is in critical condition.

The above practitioners have been sentenced for labor camp "reformation". Male practitioners are at the Baimiao Labor Camp, and female are at Shibalihe Camp.

[China] Loud Speakers Tell the Truth

In order to tell the truth to the public, practitioners from one province hung six louder speakers in parks and busy streets on the morning of February 1 and 2, 2001. The resounding voice of the "World Falun Dafa Radio" greeted passersby and morning exercisers, telling the truth to the local people about the persecution going on all around China. One of the speakers continuously broadcasted for more than two hours. The scene was inspiring and stirring.

Reported by Practitioners in China on February 18, 2001