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Latest News From China - 11/27/2001

December 04, 2001 |  


[China] Practitioners Correct Those Who had Enlightened Incorrectly

Insiders said the authorities had arranged for people who had been deceived from brainwashing classes to talk to steadfast practitioners in The First Prison and The Second Prison of XX City. The authorities attempted to deceive the steadfast practitioners by bringing in about 20 male and female brainwashed practitioners into the discussion. The more they talked, the more they realized the correct path. So, a few people who had enlightened along an evil path also abandoned their misunderstandings. They told the authorities that they were withdrawing their previously written "repentance letters" and "transformation letters." They returned to Dafa. The prison guards were very angry so they illegally stopped relatives from visiting the practitioners.

[Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Acheng City Judicial System Illegally Prevented Lawyers from Representing the Family Members of Ju Yajun, Who Was Tortured to Death While in Custody

After practitioner Ju Yajun was beaten to death while in custody, the Acheng City Judicial System had an urgent meeting. In the meeting, the authorities notified all attorneys at local law offices, and all people working in the judicial system, not to represent or help Ju Yajun's family members. They also pressured the victim's family. The authorities also faked the autopsy results to fool the people and to hide their responsibility. Ju's family recognized the plot and resisted their pressure. The family continued to accuse the murderers in Harbin City and Heilongjiang Province judicial systems. In the meantime, practitioners in Acheng city stepped forward to clarify the truth to the people. Truth flyers, big and small banners and posters could be seen everywhere in the city and the surrounding counties.

[China] Why Are the Reports About Falun Gong Here Different From Those in China?

After "7.20" (July 20, 1999), one practitioner's child watched a TV program in school and went back home to talk to her mother seriously. She said, "I don't agree with you practicing Falun Gong." Though the mother talked about her own experiences of benefiting from Dafa and the truths about Falun Gong, the child was still not convinced, since the propaganda was continuous at school.

Later, the family sent the child to study in Great Britain. Recently, the child called home and asked the mother, "Why are the reports about Falun Gong here (in Britain) different from those in China? The reports here are very positive." The mother was very happy to hear that because she knew that the overseas practitioners were doing well in clarifying the truth. She told the child, "Please think about what I said before. You should look at the facts and come to your own conclusions."

[Heilongjiang Province] Practitioners in Hegang No. 2 Detention Center Have Been On a Hunger Strike for 10 Days

Starting from November 16th 2001, Hegang area practitioners Gong Guizhi, Gong Guihua, Cai Qingzhen, Li Xiangyun, Hou Yuxin, Liang Wei, Wang Shuxia, Yang Xiaohong, Zhao Shuling, Huo Shuqing and some other female practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention. As of the 26th, they have been on hunger strike for 10 days. They are now detained in Hegang No. 2 Detention Center.

[China] Forced Labor Camp Can't Lock Up Practitioners

I was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor because I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in July 2000. After I was arrested, I kept up my righteous thoughts and didn't cooperate with any requests from the evil force. I recited the Teacher's poem



To live with no pursuits,

To die with no regrets;

All excessive thoughts extinguished,

Cultivating Buddhahood is not difficult.

I kept reciting the Fa that Teacher told us in his poem "Saving All Sentient Beings"

Put down everyday people's attachments

Already a god when obtaining the Fa

I realized that a forced labor camp was not the right place for a practitioner and that Teacher would arrange for me to walk out of the den of evil. How can the evil force lock up a Dafa practitioner!

On November 9th around 5:30 PM, I saw a chance. I spoke to the great Teacher with my heart, "Teacher, please give me half an hour, and I can certainly walk out!" Then, I started to send forth righteous thoughts and began to walk to the gate. At the front gate, I saw several people in the guards' room. I was a little hesitant but then I thought, "Keep walking!" So I calmly walked out with dignity.

[China] Evil Materials Slandering Dafa Disappear

In one bookstore, the labels slandering Dafa were torn; the evil books slandering Dafa were taken off the shelf. This is the result of practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. This strengthened the confidence of the practitioners. The practitioners felt the great power of Dafa and the great Compassion of the Teacher.

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Vicious Police Plot to Detain Practitioners

Practitioner Miao Limin of Shihe Town Jinzhou District Dalian City was arrested from home in early July of 2000 because of insisting on practicing Falun Dafa. She was sentenced to one year of forced labor and was detained in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Because of steadfastly practicing Dafa, she was detained past her term for a few months.

On September 25th, she was released. After returning home, on September 27th, the vicious policemen from Jinzhou District came to her home and took her away by force. Now they have detained her in Jinzhou Detention Center.

[Mengyin County, Shandong Province] Police Thugs of Taoxu Town Create Terror

On October 23rd 2001 at 8 AM, the evil forces of Taoxu Town had an urgent meeting in the conference room on the 4th floor of the town hall. In the meeting, the evil forces decided to launch an illegal mass arrest of practitioners. The mass arrest was led by Party General Secretary Liu Zhimin, and organized by thug Bao Zitang. They arranged for over 100 people to ransack all of the practitioners' houses. This group was made up of over 80 teachers and some government staff. They rampantly broke doors and locks. They turned cabinets upside down in their quest for cash and certificates of deposit. All the money they found was taken away immediately without receipts. If they found a Dafa book or a truth flyer, they would take away the practitioner or a family member in order to extort more money from them.

Thug Liu Zhimin ordered that the family or practitioner be fined 300 Yuan for each truth flyer, 500 Yuan (500 Yuan is the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China) for each Dafa audiotape. He also threatened the practitioners in order to get them to write "guarantee letters". (Guarantee letters are a written "guarantee" that the practitioner won't practice Falun Gong any more.)

There were two practitioners that were not at home when they did their search. Their wives didn't practice Falun Gong. The bandits didn't find the practitioners so they detained their wives in order to extort money from the family. They claimed that they would not release the wives until the family paid them the money. Otherwise, they would detain the wives for a long term or send them to a brainwashing class. One old lady had been to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa, so the thugs extorted 10,000 Yuan from her. The old lady refused to pay. The thugs went to arrest her two sons (who don't practice Falun Gong). They took them to a detention center and forced the families to pay money for their release. There are over 60 villages under the administration of Taoxu Town. In one of the villages, the thugs searched for and took cash and certificates of deposit for over 5,000 Yuan.

During 2001, the thugs detained practitioners, ransacked houses, heavily fined, and brutally tortured the practitioners. Many practitioners were "fined" repeatedly. Therefore, they had heavy debt, which caused difficulties in their lives. Some practitioners were brutally tortured because they were firm in their beliefs. They were beaten unconscious several times. The thugs would pour cold water on them to wake them up. They would send any practitioner unable to pay the "fine" to brainwashing class. In Taoxu Town, five practitioners were illegally sent to prison or forced labor camps. This is the terror created by the vicious Liu Zhimin and other thugs.

A source from the local government said that the evil forces will use the excuse of searching for dynamite, detonators, and fuses to launch another mass ransacking and pillaging of people's homes.

[Qingbaijiang City, Sichuan Province] The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Qingbaijiang City, Sichuan Province

Dafa practitioner Chen Guijun has been detained in Xindu Detention Center in Sichuan Province for over half a year and has still not been released. The other detained practitioners include Zhang Yuequn, and Feng Ping.

The criminal police of Xindu County, with the intent to prevent Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing before October 1, National Day, detained dozens of practitioners whom they regard to be steadfast, with fabricated charges. The details are under investigation.

Dafa practitioner Shen Xuqing from Qingbaijiang went on errands to Jian'ge. Just because he disclosed the truth about Jiang Zemin's corrupt faction's lies of the "Tiananmen Self-immolation" he was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor in a labor camp. Recently his work unit (Qingbaijiang Food Supplies Bureau, phone 86-28-3302287) wanted to dismiss him of XX Party Membership and asked his family to sign the related documents. His family refused. Shen has been the backbone and a model of the work unit.

Wang Jisen, a Dafa practitioner in Jian'ge County has a business in Xindu. Later Jian'ge Police Station suspected that he was passing out Dafa materials and wanted him for questioning; he had to close his business and become homeless. On January 28, 2001 he and another practitioner, Dong Jinzhi were reported for distributing Dafa materials. Although the police did not find any evidence they detained the two practitioners in Xindu detention center for ten months. Last month Wang was illegally sentenced to a four-year jail term, Dong has not been released until now.

Now Wang Jisen is still detained in Xindu detention center. We don't know what kind of mental and physical torture he is bearing. Kindhearted people please pay attention to this issue.


Xindu Police Station 86-28-3964803

Xindu Detention Center 86-28-3972939

County Law Court 86-28-3972802

[Baise County, Guangxi Province] Unlawful Police in Baise Abduct Dafa Practitioner

Dafa practitioner Xing Yongfa, a platoon leader in Baise, Guangxi province, went to visit his girl friend there and he stayed at a fellow practitioner's home (this practitioner has been illegally detained for distributing truth-clarifying materials and only his elderly parents remain at home). Someone who had betrayed Dafa called his parents and asked "Is Xing in your place?" Instantly their home was surrounded by over twenty heavily armed policemen, and four people were arrested. Now Xing is being illegally detained in a military base in isolation and the details are unknown, while the mother of his fellow practitioner was illegally sent to a labor camp. However, since her blood pressure was high the labor camp did not dare to accept her; therefore she was released.

The wicked police openly used the promise of a bonus to tempt those people who are ignorant and greedy to act as informants against Dafa practitioners. Whoever reports one practitioner can get 1000 Yuan; whoever reports a key figure can get 3000 Yuan. One person reported 29 practitioners and got a 29,000 Yuan bonus. What awaits him is harsh punishment by the heavenly law!

[Dehui City, Jilin Province] The Crimes of Dehui Police Station

At the beginning of November, female Dafa practitioners Wang Di, Yu Chunjie, Liu Donghui and Zhang Yunjie were arrested and beaten by the police from Zhenxing Police Station in Dehui City, who broke into their houses at midnight. They have been detained for over twenty days. Kindhearted people, please pay attention to this.

The malicious thugs sent Liu Donghui to Changchun Police Department Section One. Some policemen employed various torture instruments, including the Tiger Bench. (a torture instrument: the practitioner is forced to sit on a small iron bench that is approximately 20 cm (6 inches) tall. He has to sit straight up with his eyes looking straight ahead. His hands are placed on his knees. He is not allowed to turn his head, close his eyes, talk to anyone, raise his hand, or call out for the attention of the guards. Many inmates are assigned to watch the practitioner. If he turns his head, they would force the practitioner to hold his head in that position indefinitely. If the practitioner raises his hand to call the attention of the guards, they would force him to hold his hand in the air indefinitely. If he speaks, they would force his mouth to remain open indefinitely. Sometimes the practitioner is forced to kneel to the ground. They then would place a wooden bat on his leg and stand on top of the bat to hurt him) They also covered her head with a plastic bag to suffocate her, burned her chest, and beat on an iron bucket which they had placed over her head. Liu fell into a coma several times; now she is numb on half of her body, and cannot control her bowels and urination. She can only lie in bed all day long; however police still refuse to release her.

The List of vicious criminals:

Guo Guangtian, Director of Dehui Police Station: work 86-431-7222192 home 86-431-7225949

Zhang Qingchun, the director of political security section: work 86-431-7222344 home 86-431-7264567

Xu Jinlong, director of Zhenxing Police Station: work 86-431-7222877 home 86-431-7228717

Police Operative Team: 86-431-7223434 and 86-431-7232411

Detention Center 86-431-7222546

Custodial Center: 86-431-7225375 and 86-431-7233438

[Beijing] Court of Law Illegally Sentences Dafa Practitioners from Qinghua University

Beijing Law Court will illegally sentence detained Dafa practitioners from Qinghua University at the end of this month. These practitioners are Ph.D. and Masters students of Qinghua University and are all steadfast Dafa disciples. Righteous people all over the world, please pay attention to this issue.

[Bozhou City, Anhui Province] Four Practitioners from Lumiao Town Are Detained

Four practitioners from Lumiao town, Qiaocheng district, Bozhou city, Anhui Province were reported by a local painter when they clarified the truth of Dafa; now they are illegally detained at Qiliqiao detention center in Bozhou city. It has been reported that recently Bozhou has had more practitioners arrested.

[Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province] The Facts of the Persecution Against Dafa Practitioners

Dafa practitioner Zhang Bojing from Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province went to Beijing to appeal on July 16, 2000 and was escorted back to the local detention center. After being released, the cruel policemen extorted 2000 Yuan from her family. The school also extorted 2000 Yuan from her; otherwise they would not let her to go to school. On December 8, 2000 she went to Beijing to appeal again and was illegally sentenced for one year. Now she is infected with scabies and cannot take care of herself. Her family requested her release but the forced labor camp refused.

Vicious Police of Xuanxi Police Station in Nangang district, Harbin City:

Su Yujiang cell phone 86-13703623007

Sun Ruchang

Dai Leiping