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Additional Facts and Names Responsible for the Death of Dafa Practitioner Zhou Chengyu from Chongqing City

December 27, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Zhou Chengyu, female, born on September 9, 1946, was tortured to death on September 29, 2001. She was working as assistant manager in the Yuzhou University Library of Chongqing City. The police department of her registered permanent address is the Shapingba District Jingkou Police Station in Chongqing City.

On February 9, 2001, Zhou Chengyu was forced to go to the Jiangbei District Female Forced Labor Camp of Chongqing City for two years of forced labor education, because she practiced Falun Gong. On September 27, 2001, when her husband Zhao Deji visited her in the forced labor camp, she was still healthy and talking with her husband while she ate. However, not even two days later, on the early morning of September 29, her family was informed that they should come to see her. They found her unconscious with a bloody mouth. She died at 6.20 a.m. on September 29, 2001. Although over a month has passed, the autopsy results have still not been made available.

Witnesses confirmed that Zhou Chengyu was not allowed to sleep and forced to stand for at least five days (from Aug 24 to 28).

Suspicious points:

  1. There are contradictions in the information on the emergency treatment to rescue Zhou Chengyu provided by a female police of the labor camp.
  2. A representative of Procurator Lai Jianguo, who identified the cause of death, did not follow the procedures documented in "Article No. 16[1999] Regarding the Rules and Procedures about Handling Detainee Death Cases." (He did not examine the cadaver in the specified time, he extorted an autopsy fee from Zhou's family, intentionally prevented the family members from bearing witness to the autopsy, prematurely cremated the body, and deprived the family members of their chance to hold any memorial service for their deceased family member)
  3. The victim Zhou's medical records in the No.324 Hospital have still not been given to Zhou's family. On the night Zhou received emergency medical treatment, Zhou's family was ordered to pay for the medicine and treatment from their own pocket and they were warned not to take any video recording or photographs. (Even when Zhou's daughter went to the funeral home to see her mother for the last time, she was warned not to take photographs or video recording.)
  4. After repeated requests, the family members were finally allowed to have a look at the document of Article No. 16 [1999], but they were not allowed to keep any copy of it.
  5. The medical records were obviously kept by Lai Jianguo, the representative of Procurator's Office. But Zhang Qing, the director of the Jiangbei District Procurator's Office, misleadingly told Zhou's family to ask the No.324 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army. When the hospital was asked on November 16, director Wu of the hospital said that the medical records were kept in the forced labor camp.
  6. Article No.16 [1999] was issued by the four departments -- Chongqing City Police Department, Court, Procurator's Office, and Judiciary Department. But Zhang Qing, the director of Jiangbei District Procurator's Office, denied having this document. Mr. Yang, a congressman [of the people's congress] of Jiangbei District (male, about 40 years old), however, asked the family to look for the procurators to get the document and told them that it was their right because the procurator's office should provide this document. This kind of contradiction baffled Zhou's family members.

It is said Zhuo Chengyu was forced to take medicine in the female labor camp, but those medicines are prohibited to be taken in combination. The real evidence of this case points to either medical malpractice or murder as the reason for Zhou's death.

Responsible People:

Team chief Zhang (female, over 40 years old), Su Chang (female), Wu Xiaochuan (female, over 20 years old, police ID 5032100) and warden Yang (female, over 40 years old, police ID 5032015) in the Fourth Middle Team of the Female Forced Labor Camp of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City.

Lai Jianguo (male, over 30 years old), assistant police officer, in Youth Reformatory Branch of Jiangbei District Procurator's Office.

Director Li Zhenghua (male, about 40 years old) of Jiangbei District Procurator's Office.

Pang Zhengxiang, (female, over 40 years old), a warden of Jiangbei District Female Forced Labor Camp.

Qi Mingan, (unknown, over 40 years old), coroner in Jiangbei District Procurator's Office.

Zhang Qing, (unknown, over 30 years old), the director of Jiangbei District Procurator's Office.