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Chongqing Falun Dafa Practitioners Remain Steadfast after All Kinds of Tribulations

November 07, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) According to internal information from inside the Chinese Government, Jiang Zemin defied world opinion and issued an order to "eliminate Falun Gong" at the beginning of 2001. He also authorized 600 million Yuan RMB to finance the persecution. The Central Politics and Law Committee Secretary Luo Gan began an intensive campaign and organized the network for persecuting Falun Dafa throughout China.

Please consider one of the cases of how Chongqing City of China persecutes Falun Gong. Under the orders from Jiang and Luo, the police department of Chongqing City immediately carried out a continuous search throughout the entire area: they searched every house, held brainwashing classes, took advantage of the labor camp system, and sent practitioners to jail. Until August of this year, tens of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners in Chongqing City were forced to attend brainwashing class, more than 600 practitioners have been sent to labor camps, several dozen have been illegally sent to jail. The following will focus on the persecution aimed at male practitioners in Chongqing City Xishanping Labor Camp.

Chongqing City Xishanping Labor Camp is located in the east of Beibei District Lingyun Mountain. This labor camp has detained several thousand prisoners, more than 200 of them are Falun Dafa practitioners. These 200-plus practitioners were mostly assigned to the Training and Consolidation Middle Team, 7th Team's 1st Middle Team as well as Strict Detention Middle Team. Their ages range from 18 to 78, and their professions vary from an advisor of PhD students and professors to senior engineers, workers, farmers, businesspersons, etc. Every Middle Team has plenty of guards to monitor them, and many prisoners are arranged inside and outside of the cell to strictly monitor Falun Gong practitioners day and night.

So-called "Civilization"

The Training and Consolidation Middle Team is the main base of the labor camp for training and consolidation. The words "strictly enforce the law and civilized administration" were written on the tall wall of the yard for this team. Is it really followed? Please consider how senior policeman Liu Qidou has carried out being "civilized." In August 2000, Liu tried to force Falun Dafa practitioners Lei Shaoquan (45 years old, resident of Shapingba District), Yi Chunhua and Zhang Zhihu to write the so-called "three statements" ('repentance' statement, statement to discontinue with Falun Dafa and Guarantee). Liu was refused and became very angry. He slapped practitioner Lei hard on the face over and over again, more than ten times and then handcuffed the three practitioners' hands very high on the door of the cell. As a result, practitioner Yi Chunhua's feet became swollen from being hung while practitioner Lei was handcuffed like this for three days and three nights. Everyone there knew that when Liu did these kinds of terrible things, he didn't care about the time, place, whether the person was old, young, sick or disabled.

In May of this year, during the two days while Liu was the guard on duty, he forced practitioner Cheng Defu (58 years old, resident of Dianjiang County, fourth degree disabled, and seriously injured while in the detention center and Strict Detention Middle Team), Tang Zhifu (71 years old, resident of Tongnan County, with leg and feet problems) to squat on their heels. These two practitioners couldn't make it. Liu immediately set out to slap their faces over and over again until the practitioners at the scene and some other prisoners who still had some conscience scolded him with anger. Liu, whose habit was to beat people, didn't get criticized by his supervisor. Instead, he was sent to the 7th Team to specialize in monitoring Falun Dafa practitioners.

On June 1st, 2001, a Disclose and Criticize Conference was held in Chongqing City Xishanping Labor Camp's Training and Consolidation Middle Team. Some of the firm Falun Dafa practitioners who were detained in the Training and Consolidation Middle Team, 7th Team and Strict Detention Middle Team were escorted (two prisoners escorted each practitioner) to the conference site. During the conference, the labor camp's Deputy Director Long venomously slandered the Teacher and Falun Dafa, and so Falun Dafa practitioners Zheng Zhu (28, teacher of Shapingba 1st Middle School), Chen Jianbo (30, resident of Changshou County) and Li Wenlong raised their hands to request to speak. The guards and policemen immediately rushed to them to cover their mouths and beat them to the ground. They were soon dragged out of the conference and beaten until being seriously injured. Long claimed that these three people would get "stern punishments."

Perhaps such kind of brutal "civilization" is the "Chinese Style" again?

Water Dungeon

After the period of "Training and Consolidation," most of the firm practitioners were sent to the 7th Team for "education" and some were sent to the Strict Detention Middle Team. In the Strict Detention Middle Team, practitioners are often tied up or hung up and beaten. The 4th degree disabled practitioner Cheng Defu, mentioned in the previous section, was seriously injured here. Since this team is for "strict detention," being locked in a tiny cell is considered very light punishment, and the more severe punishment is the water dungeon.

There is no sunlight in the water dungeon at any time, and the water in the cell is as high as one or two feet. The water dungeon cell has many rats, snakes, and sewage. The prisoners who are detained there are handcuffed to the ceiling of the cell; the person can neither straighten up nor sit down, and excrement and urine have to be passed while wearing clothes. Every period of water dungeon detention punishment lasts 7 to 15 days. Falun Dafa practitioner Kang Hong (30's, resident of Jiangbei District), Han Yiming (30's, teacher of Southwest Normal University), and Li Xiangdong (about 30, resident of Jiangbei District) and another 10 practitioners have been detained in the water dungeon. When practitioner Kang Hong was released from the dungeon, he was not able to look at sunlight; he couldn't use his hands to feed himself for several days; his whole body was almost twisted; and the lower part of his body had festered.

The Shocking Murder

Perhaps you are concerned about the practitioners in the 7th Team. Here is just one example of what has happened in the team. During the latter part of May 2001, Middle Team Leader Tian Xiaohai decided to implement a breakthrough in the "education" to some firm practitioners. On May 23rd, some practitioners were transferred to other places. Before they left, the policemen in the 7th Team 1st Middle Team including Gao Ding (over 30), Li Yong (20's, so-called "May 4th youth pacesetter") talked to the prisoners who were in charge of escorting practitioners and to carry out the "education." These policemen said, "You must reform them within 5 days at any cost. It doesn't matter if you break their hands or feet or even beat them to death. At most you'll have a 3 months' term extension." On that same day, Falun Dafa practitioners Yuan Yugang (about 30, employee of Jiangbei Electricity Plant), Wu Deqiang (26, Bishan resident), Liu Xiangtai (over 30, Bishan County resident), Liu Minghua (47, Jiangbei District resident), Mei Liang (18, Shapingba District resident) were escorted to the 2nd Team 5th Middle Team. Falun Dafa practitioner Li Zetao (22, Jiangjin City Shima Town resident, obtained Dafa in 1997 and was sent to Xishanping Labor Camp 7th Team to be detained on September 8, 2000) and some others were sent to the Agricultural 1st Team. Falun Dafa practitioners Zhang Yougao (64, Guangdong resident, professor of Chongqing University, advisor of PhD students) was sent to the Leather Shoe Plant Middle Team. In the 2nd Team, the thugs beat practitioners Yuan Yugang, Wu Deqiang and others all day and night and kept them from sleeping. After five days, practitioner Yuan Yu Gang still refused to give in to the evil. The exasperated butchers worked harder to beat him. Practitioner Yuan Yugang was severely injured from head to toe. Until August, practitioner Yuan was still in the Xishanping Labor Camp Hospital.

Practitioner Li Zetao's suffering was more serious and wrenching. The butchers complied with policemen Gao Ding and Li Yong's commands and ruthlessly took turns torturing and beating practitioner Li Zetao day and night. They also didn't allow practitioner Li to eat or sleep. On May 30, the 22 year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Li Zetao was beaten to death. It was tragic beyond comparison to anything in this human world! After practitioner Li was tortured to death, Xishanping Labor Camp and 7th Team tightly blocked the news so that practitioner Li's family couldn't know about his death until now.

Evil has treated human life as if it were not worth a straw!

Malicious Frame-up

June 18, 2001, the "China Legal System" newspaper published on the lower 2nd page an article fabricated by the Xishanping Labor Camp 7th Team policeman Gao Ding and some Xinhua News reporter [government controlled media]. The headline read "Don't Believe the Wind of Spring XX", and the subtitle is "the Hard Journey of Transformation of PhD Advisor Zhang Yougao of Chongqing University." The truth is that Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Yougao firmly practices Falun Dafa and has never been brainwashed or renounced his belief. After the 'May 30' murder, practitioner Zhang was sent to the Strict Detention Team. Gao Ding and the other person just fabricated the story and lied thus denying a person's basic rights!

Extended Persecution

Xishanping Labor Camp said that all Falun Dafa practitioners who had completed their detention terms but didn't write the "three statements" had to be detained for extended terms. After one year's extended term, they'll be sentenced to set terms of imprisonment. For instance, Falun Dafa practitioners Zhang Yougao, Kang Hong, Han Yiming, Li Xiangdong, Li Jun (30's, Wanzhou resident), Wu Deqiang, Liu Xiangtai, Chen Jianbo, Lei Shaoquan, Li Chaogui (58, Yongchuan City resident) and Cheng Liguang (about 50, Beibei District resident), along with other practitioners were illegally given extended terms of 6 to 10 months.

August 30, 2001