On November 20 2001, the Chinese Central TV Channel broadcast a program showing how Teng Chunyan enjoyed her imprisonment life and how she was "reformed." Teng is a permanent resident of the United States. She was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in a labor camp. In the program, there are a few sentences that I found have deeper underlying meanings. And I would like to analyze them with you all.

The program said, "One year ago, disregarding her family's repeated urging, Teng came back to China several times from America. She gathered information on how the Chinese government handled Falun Gong. Then she faxed it to foreign journalists in Beijing. She also arranged some interviews for foreign journalists and the Falun Gong practitioners." The program also claimed, "She entered China several times since last February. She spied for and provided national intelligence to foreign countries." This is actually the reason given that Teng was sentenced to a three years' term. The charges imposed on her were "spying for and providing national intelligence to foreign countries."

The above sentences used the words of "gathered information" and "spied for and provided national intelligence" to "foreign journalists in Beijing." This revealed the facts that the Chinese X Party [Note: party name omitted] acknowledged that Teng didn't fabricate anything and Teng simply "gathered the information" and then "illegally provided the information to the foreign journalists in Beijing."

Then what is that reliable "national intelligence" about? We have the photos and the videotapes here abroad provided by Teng. The contents of these materials are all about how the Chinese X Party uses the mental hospitals to persecute determined Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese X Party has been secretly doing these kinds of disgusting things; using mental hospitals to persecute people with different beliefs. However, the Chinese X Party would never like other people to know this. So the information of these kinds of behaviors belongs to the national intelligence. And we have no doubt that the Chinese X Party bears a bitter hatred for what Teng had been doing. However, we have the following fundamental question for all the people that have the abilities of analyzing problems on their own. Is revealing the truth and stopping the vicious people from their evil doings a crime or is using terror and violence to hurt innocent people and to endanger the country a crime?

Here I also want to ask Jiang Zemin, "Does the Chinese Constitution still have the article of freedom of belief? Then why [do you order] the police to detain the Falun Gong practitioners in prisons or in labor camps and try to 'reform' them to give up their belief? Why do you order the police to abduct the resolute practitioners and forcibly comitt them to mental hospitals and inject the practitioners with drug overdoses to damage their central nervous system?"

If Teng Chunyan is really "reformed" as shown in the TV program, do you dare to release her back to the United States and ask her to repeat that statement in the free world here abroad? If you are afraid to do so, how can you prove that her statement made in front of the Chinese X Party's political propaganda machines are her true words from her heart?

The police arrested Teng Chunyan when she flew to Hongkong and tried to enter China through Shenzhen City's Luohu Port of Entry in May of 2000. One year and a half has passed since then. And only until today has she appeared in an interview on a TV program. What on earth has happened to the imprisoned Teng during the past one year and a half?

I also want to remind the media of the foreign countries of the Chinese X Party's deceitful and lying nature. The Chinese X Party has the immoral skills of telling barefaced lies. If you really want to know how the Falun Gong practitioners were treated in the Chinese X Party's prisons and how the deceitful tricks deployed in those brainwashing classes, you might want to contact Prof. Zhang Kunlun in Canada. [Zhang is a Falun Gong practitioner and he was imprisoned in China for some time just like Teng is.] He is a free person in the free world now and you can ask him to tell you his personal experiences. The statements of the people who still live under terror and coercion doesn't hold much credential in the free world. We want to warn the Chinese Central TV Channel that here abroad, we have kept track of all of your programs slandering Falun Gong. When justice defeats the evil, all of your lies will be provided as material evidence to the court.