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The Facts about Shandong Province Yishui County's Criminal Persecution of Dafa Practitioners, Part III

October 15, 2001 |  

In the winter of Year 2000, four unlawful brainwashing classes in Yishui County merged into one, located in Fengjiazhuang. All practitioners who were determined in Falun Gong practice were sent to Fengjiazhuang for brainwashing and continued to suffer persecution in different brainwashing classes.

In December 2000, personnel from the county government arrested female practitioner Li Guanglian from Chaishan Town and her 5-year-old daughter and sent them to the Fengjiazhuang brainwashing class. On the day she arrived, Hao Guijin (a leader) and other villains forced her to read literature which slandered Dafa. After she firmly refused to do so, she was severely beaten. The next day the villains forced her to read this literature again, and again she refused. Then Li Ming, member of Politics and Law Committee and his fellow villains started to viciously beat her all over her body, using their fists and bamboo strips and also kicked her until she lost consciousness.

Afterwards, they started to beat a male practitioner who works for Yishui City Credit Union. They forced him to take off all his clothes, lashed him with bamboo strips and applied salt on the wounds to torture him. Moreover, they forced him to step on Master's picture.

Again they wanted to force Li Guanglian to say derogatory words about Master and Dafa and step on Master's picture. After she refused they were so exasperated that they slandered her and lashed her back, waist and legs with bamboo strips until she fell down unconscious. These villains poured cold water on her to wake her up and repeated their actions. She shook her head and refused to do what they forced her to do, for the fourth time. Hao Guijin continued to lash her with bamboo strips. This still didn't release Hao's anger. He uncovered her underwear and severely beat her with bamboo strips directly on her almost naked body. Li Guanglian's underwear was soaked with blood. She lost consciousness again. After they were exhausted, they finally stopped beating her. For fear she might die, they threw the cold water on her and pinched her "philtrum" acupuncture point to wake her up.

There were so many cases of torture of Dafa practitioners, like the one cited above, in the Fengjiazhuang brainwashing class. It is difficult to list them all. But no matter how crazy the evils were they could not change the determined hearts of the practitioners. Soon after, practitioners Li Guanglian and Hu Fanxia and others who had suffered bloody tortures successfully left the brainwashing class. Around New Year's Eve of 2001, some practitioners who had been forced to write the "guarantee statement"[a statement guaranteeing to give up Falun Dafa] against their wills, again joined the current of clarifying the truth. Female practitioners Liu Jingmei and Liu Lijun went to Beijing's Tiananmen Square again to appeal for Dafa and for Master. At this point, they have already put concern for life and death out of their minds. They were arrested and unlawfully sent to a labor camp. Liu Benshan (father of Liu Lijun) was also illegally put into the labor camp. The labor camp refused to accept him due to his poor health condition.

In January 2001, villains working for the town government illegally arrested female practitioner Wu Guangzhen from Fenglongwan Village, Cuijiayu Town for distributing Dafa materials. After severe beatings by the villains, she was sent to Yishui County's detention center and illegally detained for one month. In February, she was sent to the Fengjiazhuang brainwashing class. Because she was determined to practice Dafa, the thug Hao Guijin ordered villain Mu to beat her viciously. They kept kicking her face, chest and legs with their leather boots until she lost consciousness. After pouring cold water on her body they walked away. There were black bruises all over Wu Guangzhen's body. Some people who were present (relatives of practitioners) witnessed the torture, and some of them ran away out of fear. Some were so scared they cried. Some couldn't fall asleep at night after that, and some asked to leave that place as soon as possible; otherwise they felt they would go insane. Under Jiang Zemin's despotic rule, ordinary people were afraid to speak out their anger, even when facing brutal torture of their loved family members. Next morning, because she was beaten so badly that she couldn't move, to intimidate nearly 30 practitioners detained, Hao Guijin forcefully dragged Wu Guangzhen outside to show her in front of them. Hao Guijin said shamelessly, "Who dares to continually practice (Falun Gong), this is the consequence."

In July 2001, because Wu Guangzhen refused to put her fingerprint on the guarantee statement, she was taken to the Cuijiayu town government building by force and suffered many inhuman and brutal tortures. Currently she is still illegally detained in the government building.

In March 2001, once again practitioner Li Guanglian was arrested and sent to the Fengjiazhuang brainwashing class. Upon her arrival Hao Guijin immediately beat and kicked her. One night, when she was called to the office, the director of the Politics and Law Committee, Gao Zhongping, insulted her with dirty words and later started to beat her brutally. The villain Li Hongwei also joined in beating her while gripping her hair tightly. Her face was covered with bruises. It was still cold in March. They threw cold water on her to torture her.

Also in March 2001, a female practitioner from Wujiawa Town went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. She was arrested in Tianjin City and sent back. First she was detained in the county detention center for one month and then was sent to Fengjiazhuang brainwashing class. In the car on the way from the detention center to Fengjiazhuang, the local government staff kept beating her until they arrived at Fengjiazhuang. The practitioner had swollen and bleeding eyes. These villains shamelessly explained that happened because she bumped into a wall. While she was in detention, the local government illegally searched her home and confiscated her property. They also searched her nephew's home.

In July of 2001, Yishui County's Fuguanzhuang Town Government started another round of illegal persecution of local practitioners, searching their homes and taking practitioners away by force if any Dafa materials were found. The authorities asked those practitioners from whom they could not find any Dafa materials if they would continue to practice. If they answered "yes," they would also take those away. Ten practitioners were arrested this way, beaten and kicked, and cruelly tortured with rubber batons and other instruments. They forced the Dafa practitioners to write the "repentance letter" and also unlawfully fined these practitioners thousands of Chinese Yuan.

The vicious persecution severely harmed Dafa practitioners, both physically and mentally. Gao Mei, a 30-year-old female practitioner from Lugou Village, Fuguanzhuang Town, was beaten and tortured again and again because she insisted in her practice of Dafa and did not follow the wicked people's rules and orders. Gao Mei was later sent to Yishui County's detention center where she died on August 22 as a result of the torture. (For more information of her death, http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/10/4/14410.html)

They are still holding her husband up to this day and continue to torture him, even after her death. We hope that all kind-hearted people pay attention to this case.

There are other cases. Female practitioners Cheng Qingmei and Liu Hongfeng, who are nearly 60-years-old, are both from Fuguanzhuang Town. Both women were illegally sentenced to three years in a labor camp for distributing Falun Gong materials.

In July 2001, practitioners from Yishui County's Cuijiayu Township were forced for the second time to sign their names or put their fingerprints on the "pledge letter." Those practitioners who did not cooperate were arrested and detained, and their homes were searched. Following that, the wicked people arrested and persecuted about ten practitioners. The main abuse methods they use include punching, kicking, and beatings and torture with wood sticks, rubber batons and other torture instruments.

Determined practitioner Liu Zhengxing (male) refused to be fingerprinted. The wicked people not only beat him with wooden sticks and rubber batons, but also poured dirty water on his body, and left bruises, scars and burns all over him. No matter what they did to him, the wicked people could not change this practitioner's belief and firmness in the principles of "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." Now, this practitioner is forced to leave home. After the wicked people learned about his departure, they arrested and detained his wife. All practitioners who had been arrested without due process of law have been left with scars or permanent damages on their bodies. They have also been fined without benefit of the rule of law. Some of them are still being held today.

In August of 2001, pregnant female practitioner Wang Youxia from Shangchangzhuang Village, Cuijiayu Town, was illegally arrested by township government authorities. She had been hanging up Dafa banners. In spite of her pregnancy, the wicked people still beat her. She suffered a miscarriage as a result. Even so, these people extorted 5,000 Yuan from her and are still holding her up today. These wicked people's evil deeds, murdering Dafa practitioners and extorting practitioner's money, are outrageous.

Practitioner Li Guanglian (female) from Chaishan Town stands firm on Falun Dafa for which she suffered all kinds of inhumane tortures. She had to leave her home. Those in charge often come to her father's home or relatives' homes to harass them. They once broke into the home of Li Guanglian's aunt in Anqiu City to conduct an illegal search. The police also threatened her cousin's family. In July 2001, the wicked people illegally searched her father's home and found Dafa materials. They took her father to Fuguanzhuang Township government where personnel beat him up with rubber batons. Then they detained him for several days and extorted 3,000 Yuan from him. In August of 2001, the Longjiajuan Village Committee tricked Li Guanglian's father to the township government seat and held him as a hostage, to force his family members to get Li Guanglian back. Again, they extorted money from him, this time 2,000 Yuan. Because her father did not have the money, they forced him to borrow the money from his relatives, even though the family could not even afford to buy medicines for Li Guanglian's ill mother.

The above stated facts are only a tip of the iceberg of the crimes committed in Yishui County in the persecutions of Dafa practitioners. It is hard to find words to describe the cruelty of this persecution. Because of the plot and orders of Jiang Zemin and his rascals, tens of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners have been cruelly beaten, illegally fined large amounts of money and been tortured or even murdered. We hope that all international organizations, human rights groups and all countries and nations pay attentions to the sufferings of Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China, protect human rights, stand up for kind people, and to stop the evil.

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