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Notice: A Second Authentic New Article of Master Li Since July 22, 1999 Will Be Published in a Few Days

June 15, 2000 |   Minghui Editors

June 15, 2000


A second authentic new article written by Master Li (Since July 22, 1999) will be published in a few days.

If Teacher (Master Li Hongzhi) has new articles to publish, they will all be posted on Minghui Net. Articles not posted on Minghui Net but circulated underground are all fake. Minghui Net will post a notice upon any change in this procedure.

Teacher cares very much about all kinds of Dafa websites, especially Minghui Net maintained by practitioners in North America. Should any inappropriate content be posted on Minghui Net, Teacher will help correct it. Therefore, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui Net on all important matters.

Teacher said, "It is not that Minghui Net does not make mistakes, however, on important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui Net. The purpose of posting my photo and the article 'The Knowing Heart' on Minghui Net was to build a trustworthy website for practitioners."

In addition, Teacher will publish a new article in one or two days.